FOX'S PETER PAN AND THE PIRATES--Tootles and the Dragon

Chase - Posted on 22 July 2009


by Bruce Schaefer

Michael has a grand idea: to play like in Wendy's story: about Camelot. Peter tells them to follow him to Dragon's Rock, which used to be a real dragon but Peter conceits that there is no place in Never land that he can't go. Peter says he will step down and maybe take orders if that person who will be king of Never land for a day can pull the sword out of the stone...the dragonrock. Michael tries to be first. Nibs, Sir Lancelot tries but Peter dubs the lost boys each a character from the Sword in the Stone and King Arthur tales. Peter tells Gawain and Galahad, the twins to try. They cannot. Curley, Sir Percival, tries. John, Sir Kay, says a stick in a rock is not a sword in a stone. Slightly is Sir Paleus and he moves it slightly he says. Peter gives in to Michael finally, Sir Tristum and Mike falls into the water. Tootles arrives, hoping he is not late. Wendy sent him to get them for lunch. Peter can't remove it: but after all he is already king of Never land. Tootles touches the stick and it moves. He gets scared as the whole rock moves and he flies after the others. Beneath the water, the dragon's eye opens.

Tootles, at lunch tells everyone a king can be named Tootles. Nibs disagrees. Tootles tells them he moved that stake but John tells him liars never prosper. The others don't believe him and throw food at his face, a sandwich. Wendy scolds them for throwing food at the table so Peter tells them they'll throw it outside. Wendy tells him that she will kill him if he throws any inside and he mocks her, calling her Capt. Hook. The Lost boys fly outside with Peter but Wendy comforts Tootles. She says stick and stones will break your bones n laughs and words will never hurt you but Tootles tells her they do hurt. He returns to pull the entire stake out..a giant key and the dragon comes fully to life. Flying out of the water as Tootles takes to the air and drops the key. A mermaid with pig tails grabs it. Everyone inside the tree hole is drying dishes and putting them away...except Peter. Tootles lands on the dragon but gets blown off it. He lands back in the tree. Wendy tells him that Peter was going to give him his chance to be king and Peter asks, "I did?" Tootles is still hungry but Peter leads everyone back to Dragon's Rock. Mike wants to try again too. They don't find Dragon's Rock. Mike bumps into John. Peter calls for a new game: find Dragon's Rock. Tootles worries it will find them first.

At the pirate ship Hook tells Smee something is wrong and something malignant is out there. He wants all hands on deck for a steady watch. The dragon comes at the ship. Hook gasps, "By the sword of St George." He orders Billy to fire on it but it takes to the water again. Kid's Creek Bay is where that came from and Peter hears it and orders everyone to it. Smee tells Hook they are up in the air and indeed their ship is. Peter flies to the tree the ship Jolly Roger is stuck in and makes jokes about a flying codfish. Peter is sure he did this and is impressed with himself. Hook orders Billy to fire at Peter with Long Tom but the ship shakes and Hook stops him. Hook threatens Peter again when Peter lands on the rigging and taunts the treed pirate. But John and Peter fly right into the emerging dragon! The Lost Boys fly as it attacks them, John and Michael closest!

The great wind throws everyone into the trees and Nibs grabs Michael's hand to help him into the tree. Tootles hits the ground behind Peter and calls for Peter to help him but Peter already flew off. Tootles hides in a log. As the dragon flies toward the Indian village, Peter grabs on its tail and then it throws him off. It also lands on the tree the other boys are in. They escape and Peter starts a game of tag with it and pokes its nose. Peter hides in a rock full of holes from it and the boys all gather round at the tree. Peter calls Wendy and Tink and tells them about the dragon. Hoping Peter had a gift for her, Tink wonders what they did. Long ago, even before Tink, the very small old lady with the hook nose made a dragon so that her dragon slayer could practice but it betrayed her and killed the dragon slayer so she turned it to dragon rock. She left a curse on it: curse of patience. Tink tells them Peter is anything but patient so he couldn't have released it. Tink calls Peter a silly a-- and tells him that whoever took the key out has to put it back in the lock. First Peter has to find the key before the dragon starts breathing fire. Once strong enough, the dragon breathes fire. Peter seems happy with this. Wendy notices Tootles is not with them. Peter shrugs, "He was with me..." Wendy goes in search of Tootles and encounters wind and the dragon. She finds Tootles and realizes he is the one who released the dragon. Tootles is upset that the dragon will destroy Never land or they will have to destroy him. Tootles cries but Wendy tells him that being a king has responsibilities, not just giving orders. Peter tells the Lost Boys to build a giant web to capture the dragon so he can figure out a way to do him in. Nibs leads them in stealing rope from the Jolly Roger while Hook has his men out trying to drag the Jolly Roger off the tree on a giant wooden track they made. The Lost Boys push it so it will roll into the pirates but the pirates escape. The Boys make the web and anchor it down. Tink talks to the mermaids, who tell Tink that it was the fat one who did it. She tells them, after a blond mermaid gives her the key, that Tootles doesn't have the courage to face down the dragon--Never land is lost. She sits down to lament this.

Peter lands near Tootles and tells him to help him trap the dragon but Tootles tries to get out of it, "Lead, follow or stay out of harm's way." Peter faces the dragon but never flies from a fair fight. He uses his knife to face it but drops it and Tootles catches it but gives it back to Peter, calling him to take it back. The dragon chases Peter. Tootles follows Peter now but can't hear Peter who warns Tootles it is a trap to catch the dragon in a web. The web holds the dragon for a time but it manages to knock all the Lost Boys away and Tootles flew into its back and fell onto the ground. Peter moves to help Tootles but the web rope gets him and he has to cut his way out. Just in time to escape its fire breathing! Tink brings the key to Tootles and explains him. Tootles makes all excuses but Tink tells him not all kings are warriors. Tink will be right there with him to help him. Wendy lands on a rock where the boys survey burned forest. The only one having fun is the dragon, who flies at them. Tink tells Tootles to fly but he feels walking is safer. The dragon is shooting fire at the others who hide behind rocks. Even Tink hides behind Tootles when the dragon rushes them via the water. The key makes the eyes go red and the dragon meets Tootles who puts the key in. It becomes dragon rock again. Tink lands on his head and kisses his nose and he wipes it. Peter and the others land, cheering for Tootles. Peter says, "Now why didn't I think of that...or maybe I did."

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