FOX'S PETER PAN AND THE PIRATES--Nibs and the Mermaids

Chase - Posted on 22 July 2009

Nibs, Slightly, and Curly watch the Mermaid Lagoon, in their bathing mode, wearing no shirts. They rush into it after a time, Nibs telling them the last one in is a rotten Neverbird. In the water, Nibs acts like a pirate and downs Curly; Curly trips up Slightly in the water. They talk about the Mermaids and their hidden grotto with treasure. Curly acts like one and trips up Slightly again but what looks like a real shark appears to swim at Slightly. Nibs and Curly make Slightly realize it is a shark and they all swim and run for shore. Nibs flies up to delay the shark and it seems to get him. Slightly and Curly rush back in and help but they find the shark is really a mermaid in disguise. She swims away laughing. Nibs wants to get even and take their treasure. That night, Peter sits in a tree using a telescope, Wendy reads and Micheal is asleep in her lap. Nibs secretly asks the Twins' help in getting to the treasure. The next day or morning they drag a giant pipe like item to the shore where the Twins blow into it and make a bubble around Nibs. Nibs flies off, too heavy to go into the sea. Afraid he will drift over the Jolly Roger, the Twins decide to use a sharp fern to spear him down and they spear the bubble and he falls but flies out of it. He tells them that was the stupidest thing they ever came up with. They counter that is not so: "remember the time Tink got caught on our super powerful fly paper?" They give Nibs an anchor to use to weigh him down and this time it works. He drifts down in the water. On the surface, Hook, Smee, and Billly Jukes are in a rowboat, Smee rowing. Hook tells Smee that he is the only Irish Man that he's met that has not the gift of gab. He also tells Smee that Jukes is spying the land for treasure. Since Smee cannot spot a whale in a washbasin. Hook has gold doubloons of many nations in his eyes, for he has piracy fever and wants to pirate something. Jukes spots the Twins and Nibs' experiment. Nibs goes down and a porpoise is there and brings him to the grotto. Once inside, a pointed gate slams down and the Porpoise turns out to be a redheaded mermaid who breaks his bubble! Luckily Nibs swims to an area of air and finds the treasure: bottles, bottlecaps, and worthless junk. He does find a diver's helmet that can help him get out of the place and he finds Captain William Kidd's sword though and uses it to fight against Jukes. In the meantime, the twins race to get Peter who asks for the mermaid's help. One says she might help but then might change her mind once Peter is under the water and he might drown. She helps Peter as he swims: she kisses his cheek and a bubble forms around his face. He tells her he wont' forget this. When she swims away he says on the other hand he probably will. He goes down. In the meantime, Jukes at Hook's urging, has found the pipe and figured it out and gone down to find Nibs. Nibs uses the sword to break Juke's bubble as Jukes attacks him and takes off the diver's helmet Nibs found. As they fight, Peter comes up behind them and grabs them both and heaves them up to the surface before they drown. On the surface Peter leaves Jukes and tells Hook to save him. Hook does, angry. Nibs drops bottle caps over Hook, who growls.

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