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Idiom - Posted on 22 July 2009

Just a thought, but would anybody be interested in participating in the Forum equivalent of a Book Club once a month. We could select a Doctor Who story - give a few weeks for everybody to watch it and then post our thoughts. They have something similar on the Gallifrey Base site but to be quite honest I find myself a little overwhelmed by the size of that website. Anyway, if anybody is interested, I'll make the first suggestion and then after a few weeks will post some discussion questions under a thread on that story. The story that I would like to suggest is:The Robots of Death. I'll post some discussion questions on: August 1st. Anybody else interested?
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You have til August the first to rewatch!

I have the robots of death, I will watch it!

Sure...why not?  I'll play along. 

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Since the DVD is on my shelf,unwatched for a year or two, I'll give it a go.


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