New Doctor, New Costume, and yes, New TARDIS

Administrator - Posted on 20 July 2009

The Sun and Daily Mail (among other tabloids we imagine) have additional photos of Matt Smith (as the 11th Doctor) and Karen Gilan (companion Amy Pond) shooting the new Doctor Who series set to appear on BBC One in spring 2010. The photos in The Sun also reveal a bit of a spoiler, which we will not mention here. The redesigned TARDIS exterior reflects back to the early days of the series. Notice the return of the St. John Ambulance Cross emblem to the right door.

The Daily Mail includes a photo which reveals that the Doctor's new costume also include braces (suspenders), perhaps another nod to the Troughton era.

For the referenced photos and articles see:

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I like the new TARDIS exterior. It very much is in the spirit of the early TARDIS first seen in Doctor Who. With the St. John's Cross back on the door panel and raised roof. Perhaps my only complaint so far with it from what I have seen so far (limited to the photos that got out today in the tabloids) is that it looks too new. It looks like it just came off the factory line (if you will). It probably even has that "new TARDIS smell" to it.

I am looking forward to see what changes are in store for us with the interior.


I'd have to agree that it looks too new. I rather like the TARDIS from 2005-09. Because I just became a who fan 2 years ago, I see that as "My" TARDIS. Just as I see Christopher Eccleston as "My" Doctor. It will take some getting use to for me but that is the beauty of Doctor Who; The ability to change. . . yet stay the same. I have high hopes for the coming series.

"Some people live more in 20 years then others do in 80. Its not the time that matters its the person." -The 10th Doctor
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Just to let you know that it looks like that there are more pictures on the Sun's slideshow. Yeaterday there were only seven pictures there - today there are nine.

Unfortnately (or fortunately) they don't really tell us much more than we already know.

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Ok the Tardis has been redesigned for Matt Smith's Doctor, and while I like the fact that past details have been put back in place, something seems to be odd about the left hand door, you know the one with the telephone inside.  It plainly looks like just a sticker or a decal from a Model kit (The same as you get with revell model kits.) there doesn't appear to be a telephone behind the panel.

Wooden door, sticker no cubbyhole!!! as for the too new comment, that's all to do with the way Television and film camera's optically translate what they record.  So it should appear a little bit darker on screen.

But yet again it's wait and see what next years finished series brings.

Well why does it looks so gigantic! It almost is so large they wn't be able to say, "It's bigger on the inside!"  It looks huge! I mean their heads as they stand outside the TARDIS barely reach the bottom of the windows! WTF!  

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I love the new doctor who im glad they changed it all

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