First Day Filming Pics (Spoilers)

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DrWho001 - Posted on 20 July 2009

Reported over on Gallifrey Base there are various filming pictures.

The pictures on The Sun website do give a (in my opinion) big spoiler.


However looking at those and also it can be seen on the Daily Mail site.  There is a St Johns Ambulance sticker back on the outisde of the TARDIS!!

When was the last time we saw that??


Ok yes I am getting excited over a sticker but what can I say I am a geekWink

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Now that I've seen the pics (there's seven on the Sun's page as a slideshow)... I really don't know where the show is going with this.

However I'll give them the benefit of a doubt and wait and see when the show airs. After all the show is about the Doctor - not his clothes. But keeping in mind that clothes are sometimes called a mirror into a person's personality. I just have to wait and see...


BTW: The show has given a name to the new companion as well - Amy Pond. I'm afraid that little bit of info is being over-shadowed by the pics of the new costume.

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Yeah I thought this morning when they discussing this on BBC Breakfast that I had not heard a name for her before.

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Like a young Indiana Jones! It's a look which is growing on me fast. Is there more than one archaeolgy connection...? Wink wink

I'm hoping this means the new Doc will have a few outfits this season as he tries to blend in to where he thinks the TARDIS has landed. Would make a change from the 1-2 outfits per Doctor of the past.

Or maybe the reaction to the emo look was negative so they went in a new direction.

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