Eureka--Your Face Or Mine

Chase - Posted on 17 July 2009

I have to admit Eureka should be funny, hilarious, and really quite exciting. It has an okay cast, a great lead, and a fantastic premise. Unforunately it never grabbed me and I think it is the individual episodes that just...IMO...suck. I sort of liked it in the middle of season one and at the very end and then some of it seemed to be a downer with one major character or two vanishing... and every other time I tuned in...admittedly not much in season two...the plots never seemed to live up to the premise and the scenes never really grabbed me. Tonight's episode is really just more of the same for me. Carter takes a test that's amusing, I guess. Then we have Lupo undergoing a DNA experiement which goes wrong..sabotaged by a girl who wants her life and substitutes herself for the deputy. We've seen all of this before in hundreds of other shows and done much better and played for more laughs. Here, it just sort of it although it does at least cement two characters together more and gives Fargo a love interest...I think. I think this show is supposed to be light entertainment and it does have engaging actors and engaging characters. I just wish the plots and scripts would do them more justice than just once in a awhile.   

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