Babylon 5-The War Prayer

Chase - Posted on 17 July 2009

This first season episode continues the "problems of the day" type stories and this one is not too bad. Ivanova reunites with a man from her past who turns out to be the leader of a group of "for Earth people" only who are using shadow like tech to attack aliens on Babylon 5, Mars, and I believe Jupiter. In the meantime, Londo gets to be amusing as he refers to his three wives (Famine, Pestilence, and Death I believe) and he truly shines in this sub plot about two young people who want to get married to each other and not the pre ordained spouses they are go be wed to. Londo also seems to get some humanity in this episode. Interesting to note that his alien pal has fangs that are quite pronounced. The other plot, about the group being infiltrated by the commander and Ivanova, is less believable, a bit less MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE and more GET SMART. I mean he fell for it quite easily. There are vets of GENERAL HOSPTIAL in this ep: the actor who plays Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) well after his stint on that soap opera; and Nancy Lee Grahn who plays the indominiable Alexis Davis, child of one of the worst Cassdine villains but not bad herself, mostly. Nancy is the first alien victim and almost unrecongizable in the make up and costume but her voice is unmistakable. The start of her stint as Alexis came a few years after this and continues to this day. Also in this as the young couple are Rodney Eastman (who has many sci fic, fantasy, and horror credits including MILLENNIUM) and Danica McKellar (from WONDER YEARS). All in all this ep moved along at a brisk pace and despite being one note in one of the plot of aliens being prejudiced against, it still was pretty good.    

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