The Angel of Scutari (Spoilers)

Chase - Posted on 17 July 2009






parts one-two

I have to admit right off the bat that I don't really understand or get many stories that are told in a non linear fashion as this one is. To be honest, it makes a fairly straight forward story confusing. That said, the story is fun, traditional thus far in a way and filled with fun chats about history and action sequences. Ace gets a charming scene with a historical figure, a famous writer; Hex gets to, after his dissapointment over Bliss, be a nurse although he's being called  a Doctror and he gets to meet Florence Nightengale; and the Doc, he's up to it as usual in that he's blamed for being an English spy and then a Russian spy. The performances are all jolly and well done. I think another historical figure appears, named William Russell. I know very little about the Crimean War, although I used to know a lot more about it and here, there's a lot of background, setting exposition, and colorful stuff like that and this adds to the story. The sound effects are brilliant and I've found Big Finish's lastest offerings good in both the effects and the music (especially WIRN DAWN)). This is well written and seems well researched but I just don't get the story being all chopped up like it is but here, it doesn't seem to bother me much...the TARDIS also seems to be having a problem...with wood and/or water...similar to something that also happened in one of the 10th Doctor audio adventures...and one of the 9th Doctor's adventures in 2005...or rather the 1970s... 

parts 3-4

Okay this story is just fantastic. Whereas most DW stories on audio and elsewhere sometimes go off track, this one finds itself even more in parts 3 and 4. AND is responsible for one of the funniest DW moments on audio. "Quick, Ace, while your respective aquaintances are trying to hack each other to pieces, hug me!"  And it all makes sense. The 7th Doctor, Ace, and Hex have some of the best scripts, some of the most experimental and the ones that work best IMO. Some, like the last one, the Dalek one, just don't work but this...

does work.

The guest actors are very good, the history---something DW should have aspired to do ALL throughout its history---is interesting, educating, and exciting. DW should visit relatively  unknown spots in history and places ALL the time instead of just alien planets and future colonies. THAT's pretty much boring by now but this...this is just so well done.

BTW Ace and the Brig on audio in the mostly SPOILERS FOR DEATH COEMS TO TIME










are responsbile for one of the most emotional and highly warm and sensitive scenes ever...Ace belives the Doc to be dead (as do we) and she's recovering as she comes over a hill to the UNIT troops and sees the Brig, who asks her where the Doctor is. Almost bewildered and quitely she tells him, "He...he's gone..." and we hear a slow short version of the DW theme.


Anyway for this story, it ends on a cliffhanger and listen past the end theme music as there are more scenes or rather one more scene.


All in all a sensitive story, well written, with no easy answers and death everywhere but some really well drawn characters...   

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