WIRN DAWN (spoilers)

Chase - Posted on 16 July 2009

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WIRN DAWN is the fourth 8th Doctor/Lucy Miller adventure in season three of their adventures and I must say it is well done. It is thought provoking, entertaining, and nerve wracking. Lucy or rather Lucie has grown into a great character and here, she shines over and over and over. ANd lines that could have been abrasive ("Are you listening to the Doctor?") aren't. The actress, Sheridan Smith, has come a long way from that very first and awful audio story she was in. Here's a sensitive, well done, well played, yet tough and funny companion, yeah another girl but this time she's doing what female companions do best, she's far outgrown her role as a Rose-clone. That said, any story with the Wirn   (or the Krynoid for that matter, and this season has both of them!) has got to have some digusting factors and there's some upsetting and gross stuff here.

There are no easy answers. Nature runs its course and finds a way for some but not all. Sacrifices must be made. New ways must be found to counter sacrifices. These are the themes and I'm sure they've been handled well here but some of it: I mean would you sacrifice anyone to a Wirn, what about a famly member or a friend? A soldier? And would you kill a person who was being taken over by a Wirn larva, eaten up somewhat from the inside out? Lucie manages not to and for this she is called a hero by the Doctor. THe man who was going t to kill the victim is killed and would have made the war continue. A tough and complicated issue as the Wirn that grows from the victim can possibly make things better between humans and Wirn...

That said, there are huge space battles, crash landings, Pod movements by Wirn, Tardis stealing or crashing, WIrn attacks, electrified space hulls, and sacrificial altars. The acting is good with one or two exceptions and I particulary like the boy who plays in Sarah Jane's Adventures in this. He sounds very young and tha'ts okay because he does a good job with a charater who keeps changing his mind from their situation being disgusting and him having to decide if he should kill himself and others around hi to save them from the Wirn or be like someone who he's related to and keep some kind of peace.

A good, fast paced story. Lucie also pontificates about the Doctor and there is another charater who can tell she's got him on a pedestal and that he may fall off...


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