Have we a start date?

mad4plaid - Posted on 16 July 2009

I know filming is or has happened.  But has anyone heard when SJA is returning to the screens?  I do assume it's before Christmas, as Doctor #10 makes an appearance (rumor?  fact? not sure). 

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I think I remember September being mentioned as around the time that the Doctor will be visiting the SJA.  I could be mistaken, but given the number of episodes in a series, they could just finish up SJA series 3 before Waters of Mars and the final 2 Tenth Doctor adventures at the end of the year if it starts in early September.

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As of now there is no 'official' air date for the new season, but usually the show begins the last week of September and runs for six weeks (airing weekly - two episodes at a time for a full story)

Series 1 began on September 24, 2007 with 'Revenge of the Slitheen'

Series 2 premired on September 29, 2008 with 'The Last Sontaran'

'Invasion of the Bane' was a special and aired on New years 2007

If the BBC follows suit, the BAFTA-nominated series will return around the same time - the last week of September.


BTW: The BBC doesn't usually give an air date until a couple of weeks before airing so we won't get an 'official' air date until mid-September.Wink

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As to a start date the Beeb is being cagy as usual, sometime in the fall.  But as to the Doctor appearing in SJA, as of this BBC Press Release dated May 27 of this year it is indeed official.

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The BBC Press office has a release this week concerning the airing of Sarah Jane Adventures.

There is no surprise about the air date but I'm just putting out the OFFICIAL date from the BBC.

Here is the story from the BBC press office:



BTW: the first episode airs on Thursday, October 15th.

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It has been such a crazy month and a half I had no idea SJA series 3 started. I just saw Dave's Facebook status that Series 3 The Gift was airing today and I stupidly thought it was the series premier. I'm way behind. :(



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