OCEAN GIRL season four

Chase - Posted on 14 July 2009

OCEAN GIRL season four

About the year 1994 Disney Channel has three great sci fi fantasy series, SO WERID, SPELLBINDER (starring the boy from SKY TRACKERS, a great sci fi/sci show), and OCEAN GIRL. Of these, only SO WERID was made in North America, Canada to be exact. All three were well done. For some reason SPELLBINDER's second season and OCEAN GIRLS' third (I think) and certainly fourth, were not shown in American. I called the company that makes OCEAN GIRL (and THUNDERSTONE as well as others). When I directly asked if Disney did something to stop OCEAN GIRL, the people on the phone were afraid to answer. Whereas SPELLBINDER totally changed in season two to be "lighter" and goofier and changed the entire cast except the actress who played the main villainess, OCEAN GIRL remained strong. On a side note, Disney also did stuff to stop and ultimately cancel PETER PAN AND THE PIRATES on Fox Children's Network and I'm sure they didn't like the recent and great movie PETER PAN in December of 2003. Anyway, about two years after that or so, I was able to get tapes of OCEAN GIRL seasons three and four.

Two episodes that didn't make it on the tapes for whatever reason were SEASON FOUR ep 5 and 6. The whole season is on DVD now. In these two episodes Neri, the girl from an ocean planet, who can breath underwater, swim like a fish and have a rapport with whales, is trapped on the underwater base and home to scientists and their families. The base is called Orca and it is being spied on by another company called Praxis or something like that. Two agents, resembling an early Mulder and Scully, arrive and shut down the base and trap people in elevators and that sort of thing. They also used the computer Helen 3000 (as opposed to say Hal 2000) to do this and later, to check the boys who help Neri (Jason Bates and his younger brother, Brett, incidentally the actor who plays the younger brother is later the teenage star of THUNDERSTONE and the big time director of other shows and movies such as H2O) are telling the truth.

Previous to this, mysterious strangers from Neri's home planet have arrived on Earth and are interested in using the pryamids and ank markings undersea to find Neri and use her somehow. They want to usurp her powers and use her to make the home planet ruled by tyrants...namely them. One of them is a girl. Neri and the boys travel through the Water Gate ways to other parts of the world including Egypt and have adventures there as well as other places such as the Outback. Added to this is the mix of family drama, Jason is not fond of his father who finds out about Neri's existence when he saves the kids from the agents of Praxis and hides them at his huge farm.

Season four is not as good as good as season one or two. Three is pretty good, Four is good too, though. The show had to move on from the "let's hide Neri" plots of the first season. In the second season Neri finds out about a girl like her who may or may not be her sister. In the third season, a dark boy who seems to be be from the home planet is helping an evil man capture Neri and her whale Jollie. In season four, it all comes together as the home planet needs to call Neri back. There was also an animated version which has nothing to do with the series, and I haven't seen it.               


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