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Proper Dave - Posted on 13 July 2009

Chase had posted in the previous forums his ratings of Tom Baker's episodes. I find it to be very useful and insightful. So much in fact that I wanted to carry it on over to the new forums for further discussion.

I myself am still catching up on classic who and may have seen some of these only once or remember bits and pieces of episodes. Well, here are my ratings:

The City of Death - 9/10
This was the first full Tom Baker episode I've watch in my adult years. It was a great episode to rekindle my fondness for the doctor and it exemplified why the series was so fun. Tom's wittiness and humor really shine in this one.

The Armageddon Factor - 6/10

The Pirate Planet - 6/10

The Stones of Blood - 7/10

The Talons of Weng-Chiang - 6/10 Just recently picked up a copy of this to check it out again. Didn't intrigue me too much and the sleuthiness seemed to drag on, but still going to re-evaluated it. If nothing else it was fairly humorous. I can, however, see how it was offensive and understand why it was not rebroadcasted in Ontario. I also felt a similar reaction to Turn Left with Chipo Chung's role as the fortune teller. Her portrayal felt overly stereotypical/offensive - almost like minstrel shows and actors i.e. Uncle Remus. I also would've preferred more kung fu in this episode and less kung fu in Tooth and Claw!

Horror of Fang Rock - 9/10 Great episode, great story.

Pyramids of Mars - 8/10

The Robots of Death - 9/10 Wonderful story and Leela's outfit - Nuff said!

Genesis of the Daleks - 8/10

...really looking forward to finally seeing Logopolis!

Orininally posted by Chase on Saturday, January 17 2009 @ 01:23 PM EST
Robot---4/10---adding two pts for Tom Baker who I love but really, the robot and the plot is piss poor
The Ark in Space----5/10---really just Night of the Blood Beast ripped off, Tom’s great though
The Sontaran Experiment—5/10—really just Robot Monster ripped off, Tom’s great though
Genesis of the Daleks—8/10—most people don’t realize the Doc DOES destroy the Dalek embryos or tries to
Revenge of the Cybermen—7/10---okay just fun despite the flaws
Terror of the Zygons—7/10
Planet of Evil---5/10—great on first viewing but…Tom’s great in this though
Pyrmids of Mars---7/10—not as great as everyone seems to think, a bit…tedious in the end
Android Invasion –2/10—this story makes no sense, Tom’s great in this
Brain of Morbius---7/10
Seeds of Doom---7/10
Masque of Mandragora—8/10---brill but the last ep is…a dud
Hand of Fear---7/10—flawed science again, really but Tom and Lis are great, great last scene too
Deadly Assassin---7/10
Face of Evil---8/10
Robots of Death—6/10---not the classic everyone imagines it to be, dull
Talons of Weng Chiang---7/10----great but Jago and Litefoot, especially Jago are poor!
Horror of Fang Rock---8/10
The Invisible Enemy—2/10—poor!
Image of the Fendahl---7/10—great supporting cast and monsters
The Sunmakers—8/10—clever dialog
Underworld---6/10---great first episode, pity about the rest
Invasion of Time—7/10
Ribos Operation---7/10
Pirate Planet—9/10—witty, great ideas, fun dialog, fast pace
Stones of Blood---9/10 for the first two eps and 2/10 for the last two, no, really
Androids of Tara---7/10
Power of Kroll---7/10
Armageddon Factor---5/10—mostly poor with some great Tom scences
Destiny of the Daleks--6/10—watchable despite flaws
City of Death---9/10—just super!
Creature from the Pit---8/10—Tom is on form and this is fun
Nightmare of Eden—8/10---just fun and good ideas mixing together
Horns of Nimon—8/10---very fun! Tom and Lalla have never been better
Shada---7/10---some very funny ideas and scenes here, a bit toolong
Leisure Hive—5/10—just morbit, love the new look though-Tom as very old is very fun
Meglos---3/10---just…sad really
Full Circle---8/10---Adric is a great companion
State of Decay---8/10-
Warrior’s Gate—8/10
Keeper of Traken---8/10

Since then I've watched these again and these may have changed. There's only about four Tom Baker stories I found pretty bad.

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