Russell T Davies In-Route to America; Torchwood Future Uncertain

Administrator - Posted on 12 July 2009

UK News is reporting Russell T Davies is leaving for America. The article is proclaiming uncertainty over the Doctor Who spin-off shows he had spearheaded with his relocating to Hollywood, CA. Russell T Davies says in the article:

"I haven’t planned anything, all my furniture is now there and I’m just going to start writing."

"It will take years to get anything made out there. It’s going to be difficult, so new and so brilliant. I will learn from people and bring it back here one day. It’s a big adventure and a lot of fun."

According to the piece, a spokeswoman for the BBC stated it was too early to tell whether Torchwood would return or not, that they would have to look closely at all the ratings.

Source: Dr Who Genius Leaves for America - UK News


Laudanum's picture

Why am I suddenly reminded of Monty Python's Holy Grail? All I can see it 'RUN AWAAAAY RUN AWAAAAAY!'

Mind you, I can't blame him.  All those rabid Ianto fans are enough to make you want to cower behind your sofa, without the help of the Cybermen.

I'm the one stood at the back of the room, looking through you like you're made of glass. I'm just waiting for you to shatter so I can taste the blood.

Meanwhile Kai Owen (Rhys Williams in Torchwood) has said the following in an article appearing in the Coventry Telegraph (11 July 2009):

"I think anything Russell T Davies does is genius but fans can be assured that Doctor Who has been left in very capable hands."

"As Russell created Torchwood, he will be staying with that, as far as we know."

"Like the fans out there, I cannot wait to see what Steven Moffat and Matt Smith bring to us in the next series of Doctor Who next year."

Source: Torchwood star excited for new Doctor Who - Coventry Telegraph

The notion that the BBC needs to check the ratings is laughable. But then, the way the BBC operates in general is pretty laughable.

tarashnat's picture

Hey, BBC!

Over 6 million viewers spent a week riveted to this story. What's there to check?


Have we done the crash of the Byzantium yet?

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