Chase - Posted on 10 July 2009

uh spoilers for the comics!




Okay I posted before how I like ROBIN, NIGHTWING, BATMAN, etc and then they went and changed everything. I thougt, how awful is this going to be? I really wasn't sure but truth is that the storylines were sagging and the interesting thing for me was the interplay between the characters and the relationships, not the stupid plans of the Penquin or Two Face or whohave you. I really could care less about the villains if the heroes don't interest me.

So then they went and killed Batman, I think. It was hard to follow and I HATE it when they skip issues and put a storyline in five diffrent titles and don't tell you where those are going, only to release them later as a graphic novel so you have to buy that to get all the issues or hunt for back issues.

Anyway Batman is supposedly dead. Jason Todd, a villain now, tries to becomes the new Batman and almost kills Tim Drake. In the aftermath, Tim leaves Gotham, I think, and goes looking for Bruce, whom he thinks is still alive somehow. Damian, the son of Batman and Ra's daughter Shiva (I think that's her name) is now the new Robin. Dick Grayson takes on the role of Batman.

At first, all this seemed...pretty awful to be honest, the way they are playing it out in the comics is well done. The characters have shifted to try to assimulate into their new roles. Nothing is  as it was. Tim is off, moody, and off kilter, on his own, and becming more like Bruce was. Dick is trying to relate his talkative self into Batman with a different fighting style than he's used to. NIghtwing is gone. Damian is a moody, self absorbed punk of a Robin who does NOT make qui;ps when fighting. Thanks to a promise he made to Bruce, he will not kill but he wants to.

All this has done is shake things up in the Batman universe and it spans four or more titles including RED ROBIN, BATMAN, BATMAN GOTHICsomething or other, and the new BATMAN AND ROBIN. And it's just great! This series or multi series needed the boost of this and frankly, Batman is the least interesting characgter here, Alfred, Dick, Jason, Damian, etc are all more intresting and how they adjust and meet the challenge of having Batman dead or gone is jsut fantastic.

It's as if the Doctor died, Adric becomes the Doctor, the Master tries to become the Doctor in a more devious way, and Turlough goes off to pout! Only good.   

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