The Waters of Mars (possible spoilers)

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Troy Baker - Posted on 09 July 2009



Digital spy has on its website a clip from the upcoming special 'Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars'.


Here is the link to that clip:


Also: Near the bottom of the page there is a preview video clip of the upcoming shows for the Autumn season on BBC.


PS: I forgot to mention that the Guardian has reported the name of the monster / creature for this story is called "The Flood"

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Have a quick question: when is the release date of "Waters of Mars?"

I was under the impression the BBC had not released this, but (and if I am mistaken please do tell) if I am reading this correct, it seems the TARDIS NEWSROOM has a running counter on the number of days until it premiers, which it lists as Nov. 14. Is this correct? Have I missed something? Thanks.

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You know I was sure that this would be shown on Halloween but no news yet and I'm sure the BBC would have let us know by now with less than 2 weeks to go. Dammit!

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I've been keping an eye out on the BBC's websites for the show schedules but as of now, it is not on their schedule. The press office has their schedules up to Nov. 6 and it is not yet scheduled.

I'll keep looking for the air-date. when I see a date I'll post it here.

 BTW: I saw the countdown clock on the other site but as far as the "OFFICIAL" date - there is none. BBC has a habit of not making official dates until they asolutely have to.

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I checked the BBC press release page today and found "Doctor Who: The Waters OF Mars" on the coming soon section of the site.  Unfortunately this is all that's on the sebsite:



(if you wish to read click and drag over the white area)

Doctor Who

Mars, 2059. Bowie Base One. Last recorded message: "Don't drink the water. Don't even touch it. Not one drop."

Starring David Tennant as The Doctor and guest starring acclaimed British stage and screen actress Lindsay Duncan, The Waters Of Mars is the second Doctor Who special to be screened this year.

Lindsay plays Adelaide – the Doctor's cleverest and most strong-minded companion. She and the Doctor face terror on the Red Planet in one of the scariest adventures yet.

Neighbours, Flying Doctors and Casualty star Peter O'Brien also guest stars as Ed, Adelaide's second-in-command at the base.

The Waters Of Mars is written by Russell T Davies and Phil Ford and is directed by Graeme Harper.


The above section is a copy and paste from the BBC's press office web-site.

As you can see there is no OFFICIAL air-date yet, but this is more than we have had, so expect an OFFICIAL date soon.


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As of today (October 29) Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars is not officially on the schedule, however it is on the coming soon list. The current schedule goes to November 20 on the BBC's web sites.

Also of note SJA (Sarah Jane Adventures) airs it's finale on the 20th (of November) so if the BBC is waiting for that to finish before airing "Doctor Who" then that wait will be over.  

With that in mind we've still got a bit of a wait for the show to air, but not too much of a wait because the two-part special is slated to air around Christmas - so it won't be long.

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I just posted this on Twitter and Facebook, I hope.  Having a few net issues today.

David Tennant was on GMTV this morning.and said The Waters of Mars is on Sunday 15th at 7pm for the video.


EDIT: I should add I have no idea if they region lock the vids.

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Just to let you know...

...the clip wasn't blocked on my computer. I live in the US. As to whether or not it's blocked anywhere else - I don't know?

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