[SPOILERS!] Epi 2 'Day Two'

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daveac - Posted on 07 July 2009

Can't wait - had to start a new thread

Not quite as good as episode 1 - but almost as good


I'm really enjoying this - even though it's a cross between 'The Midwitch Cockoos' and 'A for Andromida'


Cheers, daveac

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It is a good episode. Perhaps not 'on the edge of your seat' as Day One, but still a good chapter in the overall story. It advances the story along a bit, again not as much as Day One, but it's not unexpected.


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Day One was fantastic, yes, and definitely edge of your seat, but it felt like a catch up job to me: here are these relationships that fans of the previous season know quite well but that need to be quickly established for the new BBC One viewer. As such, they were over-exaggerated cut outs of the actual relationships themselves (best example being the "couple" lines in the very begining). So even though Day One was perilous and exciting, as an established fan I found the characters lacking.

Day Two, however, makes up for this. They've established the basics of the characters relationships, and now they're back to full sailing. So even though it wasn't as grip-the-edge-of-your-seat-exciting as yesterdays (and I mean that quite literally, my hands were cramped when it was over) it felt much more like the Torchwood I know and love. So all in all I personally feel like Day Two was a big success, and I like it much better in retrospect than I do Day One.

Plus, Captain Jacks bum helped :3

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Not only was there lots of Captain Jack's bum.... there was also Captain Jack FULL FRONTAL NUDITY!!!!! *explodes*

Ok, now that my brain has recovered from that.

Day Two was great, still not as fangirl melt inducing, action packed, and edge of your seat as Day One, but I still loved it.

Was a little suprised and saddened to see the Millenium centre go kabooy, but glad Jack was fine (I was kinda expecting that he would recover something similar to the way he did)

Gwen kicked serious butt in this, and Rhys was awesome, Ianto's brother in law Johnny? was great too (was it just me or was this the nudity episode, Jack and Johnny?) and I was kind of on the edge of my seat at the end, worrying about the team and whether they would all be ok.

So big huzzah for Ianto's sister's and her car and for Ianto for saving the day ala Captain Jack style "here he comes on a ruddy big tractor"

Saddened a little that Jack and Ianto didn't have a whole happy reunion snog (that would of been epic to see!!) but I guess they didn't have the time xD

And yay! PC Andy!

Still great... bring on tomorrow!


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Not sure what's gone wrong with Torchwood, as i'm loving this!  Maybe it's because RTD is fully involved again?

Some great moments, including every sceen that Kai Owen was in, his 'backing acting' was utterly priceless, especially the stuff in the Cafe!  Not much Jack in this episode and I think it was a lot better for it.

Can't wait for tonight's episode!

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Yes, I forgot to mention that Day Two is a very revealing episode of Torchwood. Wink

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Unexpected naked Jack… is really not that unexpected.

Have we done the crash of the Byzantium yet?

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So far, I am enjoying Children of Earth. It's gotten off to a fairly strong start, which I hope holds for the remaining episodes. I really felt sorry for Jack for what he's been put through so far. I half expected him to recover the way he did though. Good for Ianto, being the hero this time around. Absolutely loved Gwen and Rhys working together, especially Rhys stepping up to the plate and partnering Gwen so well. Once I'd heard that Eve Myles was pregnant, I knew that it would show up in Torchwood, so not very surprised by that plot point.  


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