When did Chase take over the forums?

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Linquel - Posted on 04 July 2009

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There's no doubt or question that he is very prolific with his postings, but don't let that deter you or others from participating here as well.




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I admit, I haven't been around much since the Christmas special. I didn't even know about the new website look. I had to reregister for the new site today.



Sorry if it seems i'm taking over, I just try to post stuff I think people might be interested in.

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Perhaps you need a blog.  The Occasional rant is fun here but, it does seem that a majority of your posts tend to go that way.  I suppose one of the things that bug me most about the issue is the multiple posts one after the other.  I mentioned it on the old site but it seems to make no diffrence.  I suggest a blog for your long posts and the occasional non rant post in the threads.

I wouldn't know how to do a blog. What does it entail? Let me know.

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It's basically like posting your views into a forum, the set up of posting a blog is very much like posting a comment here.  One of the best blog hosting sites is Blogger https://www.blogger.com/start

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