Adric timeline (TV, novels, comics, annuals, fan fiction) part one

Chase - Posted on 04 July 2009

                       ADRIC background



   stories with Adric


THE FULL CIRCLE-The Time Lord the fourth Doctor, Time Lady Romana, and robot dog K-9 II go through a CVE and find a negative universe--E-SPace, smaller than our universe. While working on how to get back to their own universe, they become involved in the Starliner and its peoples' struggles to repair it. As they do, a mistfall occurs and the Marshmen attack the Starliner and Romana is bitten by a mistspider and helps them. They are nature driven. Adric steals a part for the Doctor and helps him drive the marshmen out--but his brother Varsh dies by them. Adric stows away on the TARDIS. 3200. Starliner have been there for 40 generations (1000 years) but the Doctor estimates it is more like 4000 generations (100,000 years); possibly set in 1988; Adric is supposedly 15; TV STORY 


STATE OF DECAY-Still in E-Space, Romana and the Doctor find a planet where the locals are kept in primitive ways by the three who rule--actually vampires, descendants of some of the Earth people that crashed here years ago. They have been made this way by one of the Great Vampires which fought the Time Lords eons ago. They are planning to kill Romana to revive him and Adric is to be made one of them. Adric, slipping by K-9 is not known to be aboard the Tardis by The Doctor and Romana. Adric pretends to go along with the vampires against Romana and the Doctor. The Doctor with help from the locals and K-9, attacks the castle and saves his friends. 22nd Century or the 36th Century, future of E Space, Hydrax ship has been there 1000 years. TV STORY.


THE 8 DOCTORS-4th Doctor segment, Adric resting, vampire planet


THE BIRDS, THE BEES, AND THE K9-erotic fan fic, Adric small part


PATHFINDERS-fan story in DW Magazine




PLAGUE DESTROYED-Doctor kills all terrorists on Earth


SHOW ME THE WAY TO GO HOME-fan fic by Steve Lake


ADRIC’S ROOM-fan fic


WARRIOR'S GATE-The TARDIS goes through a CVE but not out. Biroc, a Time Sensitive stops it and they find they are caught in a rapidly shrinking borderzone between N-normal space and E-space--at 0 coordinates. Inside, a ship of human slavers treat the Tharil lion like people badly--until the Doctor and Romana interfere. Romana remains behind in E-Space to help free the rest of Tharils that may be imprisoned there. The Doctor gives her the badly damaged k-9 since he will be okay on the other side of the gateway. Rorvik and crew come from N Space of 2680, once hunted Tharils on Shapia, before arriving at the Gateway by accident. TV STORY.


WARRIOR’S GATE: THE LOST VERSION-by Stephen Gallagher-on line segments from the original manuscript.



MAURITZ-by Jonathan Morris-SHORT TRIPS 3: A UNIVERSE OF TERRORS-Adric and the Doctor end up in a monk’s citadel which is existing in many times during a feedback loop. Many alternate Adrics and Doctors exist.







THE MASTER AND THE ROSE-Adric and the Fourth Doctor go 1860 England in December where they meet the daughter of Anne Ross and Edward Masters--named Rose Masters. She is the daughter of the Master, conceived in 1830 abandoned by him. She turns up here with a damaged and dangerous Time Ring. They tell her the truth and then home in on the Master on a tiny planetoid--his decrepit self again. The Master couldn't kill Rose when she helps the Doctor and Adric. The Time Lords battle using Rose's mind. They drop Rose off to live on Gallifrey. FAN FIC not by me.


A ROSE ON GALLIFREY-The Fourth Doctor and Adric are summoned back to Gallifrey. The decrepit Master has stolen the crown of Rassalon in an attempt to get his daughter Rose and power. He tricks the Doctor and Borusa into the Matrix. Leela, Andred, a young boy Gallifreyan named Eshak, and K-9 I appear. The Master uses illusions of witch trials from 1692, Jamie, Sarah, Ben, Susan, and the Brigadier. In the end, the Doctor wins but has to bring Rose to a planet of friendly telepaths where she will be safe from the Master. Adric and the Doctor must not recall her or think about her or the Master will find out where she is. FAN FIC NOT BY ME.   


UNHIP-by Nicholas Ball and Thomas Murtagh-Adric is the main hero here, and he seems to be left by the 4th Doctor for a time and he has had extensive traveling on Earth in the past and future so this might be an alternate universe. Lots of crossovers too involved: LOST IN SPACE, T-Bone?, and Turtles? Trek, Jaws, Bladerunner.


THE KEEPER OF TRAKEN-The Doctor and Adric are summoned by the old Keeper of Traken when an ancient evil is unleashed on the peaceful world. Cassia is given over to a stone statue of one of the evil beings that landed on Traken--Melkur. Cassia's step daughter, the daughter of Counsel Tremas, Nyssa, helps the Doctor and Adric when they are blamed for a series of murders in the gardens. The force behind all this is the Master and the Melkur is his TARDIS, which he uses to seize the Keepership, killing the Keeper and Cassia. Adric and Nyssa carry out a plan of the doctor's and Tremas and stop the Master--who is in his old, wizened form, in between regenerations. The Doctor and Adric leave and don't know that the Master melds into Tremas. 1981 or 4950 AD. TV STORY. 


A BOY’S TALE from SHORT TRIPS 2: COMPANIONS-Adric writes to K92. He reveals a great deal about his parents, Varsh, Keara, his people, the lies they spun in their history, his friend Zayn and his family, a group protecting the only dogs on the planet.  


INTERGALACTIC CAT-The Doctor reveals another K-9 for Adric. Genesis III, a super powerful computer, uses a Composition Adjustment Teleport to create a planet on a single carbon atom and lures travellers there. It intends to turn them into a deadly army. ANNUAL.


CONUNDRUM-The TARDIS becomes lost in a portion of space that functions like a Mobius strip. ANNUAL.


PLANET OF PARADISE-Adric disarms service robots which have taken over a planet called Elystria, a perfect society. The Doctor realizes that maybe he shouldn't always teach Adric that stealing is always wrong since stealing helped him defeat the robots. ANNUAL.


PLAGUE WORLD-Insect like Druden unleash a plague on a human colony to obtain human flesh for their young. Bemar, the lady alien leader dies in a blast but the Doctor's ally Kidson also dies in the blast. ANNUAL.


JUST A SMALL PROBLEM-After landing in the belly of the creature, the Doctor defeats a giant beast who is swallowing the population of Xiter. ANNUAL.


SLAYER OF MONSTERS-The Fourth Doctor and Adric semi-crash land in a desert and when Navajo see them and the Doctor is mistaken for Slayer of the Monster and when Adric goes for a swim he is taken for Child of the Water. From a swamp--which makes Adric feel at home--they uncover the mystery of a monster--an alien Ronin warrior in a Mitarian fighter ship. They help the creature leave Earth. ANNUAL. 


CROSSROADS-the Doctor and Adric meet Marvel and DC superheroes and villains, including Alan Kelly and the Time Pilots, Poison Ivy, Penquin, and Kingpin.FAN FIC.


PAPER CUTS-my fan story, Adric and Doctor meet Bill and friend, stop alien parasite. 





TIMESCAPE-role Play fan made-


A VISIT BETWEEN FRIENDS-fan fic by Gwyneth Jeffers


REGENERATION OF THE DALEKS-The Doctor and Adric meet Tim on Earth. They also face down Daleks and Davros. FAN MADE AUDIO.


THETA G: PLAN 9 FROM INNER TIME-Vardans invade East Coast of the US; Doctor and Adric land there. FAN MADE MOVIE.


UP THE KHYBER-Random Fic by Harry Hayfield-landing in 1895


ERASE AND REWIND-mystery story, fan fic, 13 crimes


TERROR OF THE DALEKS-by Third Auton, fan fic: Adric and the Doctor have been traveling together for over a decade.


TIMELESS-fan made fic by many-4thDoc/Adric




WHO DE WHO by David Witless-comic parody from Skaro 2.6.


THE DOC AND THE HORLEKS-comic parody by Tessie Lation-includes Mavic Chen. From Skaro 3.6.


THE ELEPHANT’S GRAVEYARD-by Darren Giddings-seems to be the Doctor becoming the Watcher...or something en route to Logopolis. From Skaro Vol 2.6 



JAMIE’S GAME-fan fic



LOGOPOLIS-The Doctor and Adric find the dead aunt of Australian air hostess Tegan Jovanka dead by the Master's Tissue Compression Eliminator. Tegan gets lost in the TARDISES of the Master and the Doctor when the Master and the Doctor's TARDISES appear inside each other. A form called the Watcher trys to warn the Doctor about the future. The Doctor and Adric go to Logopolis with Tegan finding them in the Console room. There they meet the Master and face him. Nyssa is there too and was taken there by the Watcher and she resists the Master's control. When the Master interferes with the operation of Logopolis, he causes the entropy of the universe to begin again and he and the Doctor must team up to stop it from the Pharos Project on Earth. The Master tricks the Doctor and sets himself up as the Ruler of the Universe but the Doctor pulls the plug on him--but falls off the tower. He regenerates into the Watcher--who is the Doctor's next form--the Fifth Doctor. Feb. 28, 1981. Logopolis sections-4950 AD or 1981. TV STORY.


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