Benny Glory Days CD (spoilers)

Chase - Posted on 04 July 2009

Okay, never been a big Benny fan. I collected all the older novels, a few short story collections, and loved her in the audios where she appears with the 7th Doctor and Ace (there are not that many audios where the trio come together). I collected some of her audios when an old monster appeared but to be honest I always found that gimmicky and never liked her habit of  drinking. I did like her sarcasm. And the fact that she might be the only companion to have bedded the Doctor (the 8th before you go and throw up).

Anyway SEASON NINE was wonderful and giving Benny a son, played by a marvelous child voice actor, was a stroke of genius. It gives her such a new POV. I don't even mind her drinking now as she does it away from the boy. And her quips and attitude are just a hoot. GET SEASON NINE now, it's great.

As for this story, it takes two listenings to be honest. There are, as in season nine, a large drollup of fun lines, witty dialog, and character asides. Peter is here, her son. But not alot This concerns the Doctor's brother---the evil IrVing Braxtiel, his clones, his bank, Bev Tarrant, someone that Benny has companoined up iwth in the past, Peter' s father Adrian, an alien by the way, and more. The bank heist plot comes too fast and furious with little explanation but maybe I wasn't paying close attention. Adrian, Peter's alien furry clawed father returns, having been put in a cell by Brax after Brax had him tortured by another being, or a robot. I can't recall. The series has a lot of continuity. Bev is a theif and wants to break into Brax's bank vault. There's also a very funny AI and  several funny and maybe dangerous clones of Brax's.

NOt as clever as some of season nine but still ,quite funny. There's also a clone of Benny that's told she has to act like Benny so she...tells stories. That are hilarious.

We also have curtesy of Bev's undercover personality as a porn  star plenty of sexual inneundo and quips as she lists her credits and her aliases.

All in all Benny mixes well with Bev and Adrian and the clone menace and having her in a heist of a bank is inspired. Well done if a bit confusing in the middle.                

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