STAR TREK: Odyssey

Chase - Posted on 04 July 2009

I am not sure which ep of this fan made series this was but I"m always amazed by these fan made series. They look better than I expect and they are really quite entertaining. The best one I've ever seen, detailing Kirk's nephew marrying another man, was, aside from that great development, just like watching a really good ep of the origina Trek, down to the music, effects, sets, and sound effects as well as the acting. It's amazing and if I can track that down again and watch it again and recall it's name I'll review that but there's not much more to say than I loved it! I wish they'd finish it. I understand that time is a problem as fans make it in their spare time, film it and then others have to CSI it. It is worth the wait if it ever gets finished.

Down to ODYSSEY: this is obviously part of a larger series and as such seems soap opera-ish, not that I mind, I like soap operas most of the time. The acting is okay and I especially like the guy who plays the captain, who happens to be gay. Unfortunately this series stranded the captain far away from his lover who I think is on Earth. HOW CONVENENT as the church lady from Sat Night Live might say. Anyway the others act fairly well too including the girl who plays the sub commander Romulan girl. There's a bunch of sub plots involving her deviousness and the doctor of the ship (a Welsh man) as well as a sub sect of Starfleet Federation that is...aggressive and fanatical. There are also aliens and an alien boy on the ship who was wounded and blinded. I'm not sure if he ever got back to his people, which was another sub plot. The whole thing is tightly written and well made and the backdrop "sets" look great. I want to watch more of this.   

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