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Danny aka CyberColin - Posted on 29 June 2009

Hi Louis, not sure if this has been mentioned before but I think it would useful to have a topic dedicated to Doctor Who conventions/events/fandom in general.  I think sometimes that threads can easily get buried in the General Doctor Who bit and people can easily miss some of the posts. 

Hope that makes sense!



Yikes! Would you believe that there was supposed to a forum on this very topic here in the regenerated website. In fact, it was going to added to the previous website (2.0), but since this one was in the works at the time, it just made sense to start it here than start it there and then having to move all the convention threads to the new there.

Out of shear oversight, it was omitted when the new forums were created (because so much of it was following the same structure we had originally). 

Yes, we will add the convention forum here. Though, I think it will not be specific to only Doctor Who, since there are general science fiction conventions that could also be covered within it.

Thanks for the reminder.

OK, the missing forum is no longer missing. The Conventions forum is now located in the subgroup Fandom. 


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