Poll anomaly

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tarashnat - Posted on 29 June 2009

Trying to vote in the BBC America poll in the side bar I hit the Vote button and get directed to the "CIA Info & Updates" thread in the Other Podcasts section with the error message on the page:


Validation error, please try again. If this error persists, please contact the site administrator.

Hmm... Odd indeed. I wonder if this is related to the previous issue with the sidebar poll and our spam filtering? I had hoped the latest update to the filtering software had addressed it. I tested it out afterwards and all seem to be working as it should. I think (or suspect) it may only happen when the poll appears twice on the same page (i.e. side bar and main column). If that is the case, perhaps I can turn off the side bar poll until the poll scrolls off the front page... and then switch them (take it off the front page and activate the sidebar). 

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Me and others have had problem using the polls on the right-hand side. We click on a selection and then are sent to a page that has nothing to do with the poll with an error message (the one you have above).

Until this problem is fixed I reccommend that you vote on the poll in the middle column with the main articles. It seems to work fine there. So far the poll question has been placed with news articles.


Hope this helps.

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Just voted on the new poll today. I used the one in the right-hand side and the vote was recorded but it did send me to the wrong topic in the process. Instead of being sent to the topic with the results I was sent to ...

Renwewal: New Doctor, New Compaion, New Producer New Costumes

(The page with the story, not the home page)


Just leaving this info so you'll know about it.

Yeah, the last time I tested it, it did the same thing for me too. 

I am unsure if it is bug or a conflict somewhere.


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