Is the Doctor gay?

Chase - Posted on 27 June 2009

Well, the show certainly is in many ways but is the character of the Doctor gay? There's probably a case for both gay or hetero in many stories or even all the stories but truth is: you can use DW to prove almost anything as almost nothing is stated as genuine fact that isn't contradicted in other stories or in real life or science.

First let's look at some of the reasons why this might be so:

The Doctor has a wife of some kind, it might be insinuated since he has a grand daughter, or someone who calls him grandfather. So why isn't she around or why doesn't he talk of her more often? Well maybe we dn't see his whole life and he does talk about her. Or maybe he can't stand her! Or maybe Susan isn't really his biologically but I tend to thnk she is. SO is he leaving her for good reason? Is he just not all the interested? There are still people who believe that if a man is married, he can't be gay. That's just dumb. I've known plenty of people who claim to be married and not gay and they're only being truthful by claiming they are married. Many married men have affairs with men. Many men with children have affairs or love relationships with men. Is the Doctor one of those men who tried to stay in a relationship with a woman despite his gay feelings? Perhaps the DOctor's race doesn't need to stay intrested in the opposite sex or even the same sex. Perhaps they INSIST one does stay interested in the opposite sex and NEVER go for the same sex. Or maybe they are all somewhat gay. I mean have you seen DEADLY ASSASIN and INVASION OF TIME or ARC OF INFINITY or TRIAL for that matter?

In any event, the Doctor travels with a lot of people and almost all of them are female. Why does he always seem to pick up and allow to stay a majority of females? And why does he almost never, that we know of, try to be romantic with them? Even when one of them is his own kind, his own race, does he not seem to be even remotely into that? If you look at his time with Romana 1 and 2, he's sort juvenile interested and seems somewhat happy that Romana 2 took his "wonderful" notice of her with happiness. He's like a child trying to prove to o thers and himself that he's not gay. That he's able to do something he couldn't do before. For someone as old as he, tha'ts just silly. If he's done alot of things, including "dancing" which RTD or Moffat seemed to use as "sex" then why is he like this, even as far as Tennant's Doctor. Did Tennant's Doctor have sex with Rose? Why does he seem to think she could be pregnant with who's child in DOOMSDAY? Did he think the child was his or Mickey's or someone else Rose has slept with? It seemed to me that they, as usual played it both ways. Certainly, this Doctor's never been romantic on screen with Rose and if so, why is he so STUPID about saying he loves her. And why is he so put off by losing her? Or any female companion for that matter?  Much is said about how Leela left and how he acted...but if we look at that for a moment...perhaps it's the Doctor's inability to love and mate women, not just humans, but women that makes him so upset when the women leave him. Tegan, Jo, Sarah ( I refuse to keep calling her Sarah Jane, me not following the new show's STUPID character trait of her now wanting to be called Sarah Jane rather than just Sarah), and others leave him and he seems offput. Some might say that the Third Doctor is upset because someone beat him to the punch but can he ever get to that punch? In fact, he drinks liquor here I believe at the toast, maybe to get away from the idea...and he leaves the party early. He's clearly upset that Jo is leaving him.

If he was together with her for that long, why not try something? Some fools like Alan Moore say the Doctor is a pedophile because he's so much older than the girls he travels with and therefore he wouldn't write for DW. What a jerk. Could it be because of the age gap? UNClearly the Doctor's not done anything with any female beyond some kissing and even that is on the cheeks or on the lips after his 8th self! 8th! Liz and he do hug closely in INFERNO and perhaps a few other stories she's in (four total).

rambling on and on here. Perhaps the Doctor's just too embarassed by his gay feelings to take on the same things with male companions and he's trying desepartely to prove something to himself. That either he CAN be romantic to females or that he can't and then and only then will he move on. The first Doctor failed to be romantic to almost anyone. Even the so called Cameca, who clearly wanted more from him (did he even acknowledge that he could have stayed with her or that she could have made him happy?) in THE AZTECS. He really just uses her to get info. Another female, in WHEEL IN SPACE, Gemma seems to be somewhat intrigued by the Doctor and he's thus, horrified when he has to watch on a scanner as she's shot in the back by a Cyberman and killed. ANd he gets his revenge on them by killing the Cybermen...perhaps they ruined another chance he had to experiment with a female and get all thse gay feelings behind him..if he had any. But Gemma's fairly old for other Doctor's and he's amused by her leanings toward him. When the Doctor acquired Ben and Polly...there was no room for anything romantic for him and perhaps he enjoyed that...for a time. Then along came Jamie...

The Doc seemed postively happy when Polly and Ben left, giving them their life again and telling Jamie it was their choice.  With Jamie...if watch closely, they seem to almost be a couple. In one or two eps, they sleep near each other or very close to each other. Jamie even falls unconscious with is head in the Doctor's lap. They hold the Doc's intiation in TOMB OF THE CYBERMEN even though Victoria has just joined. Jamie pulls his hand away. And when Jamie breaks up wiht the Doctor in EVIL OF THE DALEKS, it's like... a couple having a break up. There's more too but I can't recall all of the instances of Jamie/Doc2 love. But if you watch, there's a lot of it. They are both very physical, perhaps because the BBC allowed the men to touch as Davison tells often on the DVDs and in interviews. Davison could touch Adric, put his arm around the boy, touch his shoulders, and whatnot but he could not touch Tegan or Nyssa.  That alone might make him gay! Add to that all the gay bickering Adric and he have and well...

Anyway, the Doctor also dresses up as a woman at least three times during the show's run. He travels around with some very pretty women and doesn't seem to notice.  I mean Leela. Come on, Doc. And perhaps the women, knowing more than he does about him, realize he's gay and move on. Leela, Jo, even Rose seem to move on to other males that can reciprocate their love and admiration and romantic feelings. He's not interersted in Martha (who's very into him) or Donna (who says she is not into him but her actions seem to say otherwise). Then again, that's during the Tennant years when macho Doc had to be first and foremost. Come on Tennant, the Doc's gay even if you're not! You CAN kiss CaPt. Jack just like the ninth did. The Tenth Doc seems to shy away from males almost as much as the others, taking on almost no male companions for as long as the others and certainly avoiding Capt Jack...with a lame excuse that Jack is just a time disturbance. Sure. that's why. He was avoding his love feelings for Jack... I mean he kissed him!

and then again, with Adric...a young male who is inexperinced sexually and who is obviuosly into him...and who looks like that..and who's sought after by all the older men... the Doc has to get away from this male...who might reveal his secret so he fights with him, ignores him, doesn't make time for him, and blatantly favors the girls over him infront of all three of them, and doesn't acknowledge anything Adric does anymore as good so that even Tegan has in VISITATION has to force the Doc to say thank you to him...

With Turlough, there's this love/hate thing going on and Turlough knew he had to leave bcause the Doc was a long way off from admitting his love for men, even if Turlough himiself was having similar problems and thoght the Doc would cure him. Turlough also started out trying to kill the Doc, the source of HIS own admiration and perhaps love. For his part, the doc makes Turlough change from the big black guardian dominating him to the calmer life of a time traveler and then Tegan leaves...and Peri pops up, literally, twice. And both seem to not notice her. PERI. What hetero man doesn't notice her?!  Yet Turlough and the Doc take off their pants for each other and wear shorts. I think.

The first thing the Sixth Doctor does is try to choke the source of his anger: females. And then he saves two young, blond blue eyed boys! And there's more saving of young men, some of them shirtless. When Jamie shows up again, he's positively happy to have him around over Peri and slips right into his old love again. Uhm...didn't mean it that way. The two relate well.

The alter arguement is that the Doc is hetero but I'm not buying it. It could be said that being alien, the Doc has to sort of get used to the idea that his kind just does not want to bed females and that he has to spend ALOT O time trying to. Just like a gay man might have to toward men OR toward women. If a gay man doens't want to be gay he might try to see if he can date females. Or maybe find out if he's bi. The Doc might be trying to do or find out all three. And as we have almost no background to the race's sex life if any, there's nothing we can do to find out. Perhaps this year with Tennant's end we'll see his life on Gallifrey before and find out about his dad (whom I think will be played by Dalton) and his mom (who I think will be played by Gillian) but maybe not. RTD has made a mess out of DW recently so I doubt we'll find out anything. Which is ironic, because RTD being gay might have made one think that maybe the Doc would have some leanings in that direction and aside from a few short hints or snaippets in the poor Dalek Empire State story and may be SHAKESPEARE CODE, we get a very macho, very hetero seeming Doctor. Or is the Tenth just trying hard to cover up a situation that he doesn't want anyone to know about: That he's gay. More next time, I think.           

1-so let's review: the Doctor travels with many women and girls, most of them very pretty and shapely. And if we consider the audios, of a variety of age differences. He doesn't have sex with any of them and barely keeps a relationship going with any of them at all and nothing that continues and he uses the excuse that he's going to have to watch them die.

2-the Doctor seems to ignore his male companions for the most part when there are two or more companions but when he's alone with Jamie and/or Adric he holds their hands, gets more physical with them, puts his hands around them from behind, and even sleeps nearby them if not even having one of their heads in his lap!

3-The Doctor seems to try to have relationships with girls, especially Jo Grant and Sarah Jane Smith. He's hugged Liz closely. He seems real upset when Jo leaves and leaves her party early, drinks a bit, and doesn't really mention her much. He almost never mentions Liz and we never see her leaving scene. He's most upset when Sarah leaves, even though he seems to have made up the excuse for her leaving...rules indeed or maybe the Master knowing Sarah is his strength, was jealous or something. And did something to make her leave. None of his relationships with any female from Earth or as much as we know from anywehre has worked out and / or lasted. Grace leaves him. Dodo leaves him without saying goodbye.  

4-He appears to want the world to think he is hetero and interested in girls but even the Brig seems to know there will always be a latest model.

5-after sex pots and skinny bodied health freaks and big boobed girls, he goes back to being in uncle mode for the 7th Doctor and "nuturing" Ace by torturing her with past scares for her and under the guise of making her better.

6-in unconscious mode he kisses Grace to get her to come with him. She doesn't. The girls probably see something gay in the Doctor or know he will never reciprocate or can't or won't.

7-the Doc's probably been married but even that didn't last for whatever reasons, IF Susan is his grand daughter.

8-No one no girl, not even Rose ("and we're arguing over the Doctor") seems to think the Doctor will make it with her no matter what they do.

9-the Doctor literally flees the one male we've seen him kiss in the entire series...and makes a lame excuse up for that. He seems jealous of Capt Jack's overt sexuality ("oh stop" and "There's a time and a place").

10-When even with females of his own race (we think as far as we know, then there's the whole debate over Time Lords are Gallfreans or Gallefreans are Time Lords or are Time Lords even  really natives of Gallifrey or the only type of Gallfreans and even the debate over if the Doctor's even Gallfrean or a real Time Lord or something more of even god!) the Doctor doesn't seem to do any more than juvenile immature story telling and slight admiration of the type that makes him want to stand up and say, "She likes me!" but not much more. And even they leave him. Romana 1 is very sexy and she changes for no apparent reason. Romana 2 can't stand the thought of going back to Gallfirey but perhaps neither can he WITH her and having done nothing WITH her! ANd maybe she's embarassed too.



13-He threatens to kiss one of his companions for the first time in the Hartnell era ...and it's Ian!


15-Leela, Peri, Rose, Martha: and he does nothing much with them.

16-The Tenth Doctor's macho hetero posturing is just a cover.

17--ah yes but you're thinking he turned human and had fallen in love with Joan (TWICE if you count the novel of HUMAN NATURE) but ahh, yes, he had to turn into someone else, basically a fabrication in order to fall in love and chances are that he didn't have sex wiht her but maybe he did. In any event, the Master turned into a nice old man which isn't him at all so the Doctor in order to love a woman successfully and have a relationship with a woman has to change himself utterly so that (and to prove he's changed, he allows a boy to be spanked...well then again maybe he's not changed from his gay way all that much after all; and allows himself to be somewhat cowardly but not in the end) he's not the Doctor at all.

18-other stuff I haven't thought of.

19-why does the Doctor sometimes flirt with men and they with him but he shies away from that and instead seeks female attention that he knows will never amount to anything just like all the other 39 females he's sought. Including Kylie. KYLIE!

20-he seems almost resigned to the fact that he'll not love Martha and/or Donna that way.             

21-he always seems to want more from his female companions but almost never goes for it or even tries until Doc10...who fails at it miserably. He's not a dope so tha'ts strange in itself. Perhaps he wants to fail so he can finally realize HE'S GAY!



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