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Blue Box Bill - Posted on 11 February 2014

Ohila: 'And here he is at last. The man to end it all. My sisters, the Doctor has returned to Karn. We have always known in our bones that one day he would return here. Such a pity he's dead.' -From 'The Night Of The Doctor'

Ohila, from the Sisterhood of Karn, is referring to the 8th Doctor who was temporarily restored to life by the Sisterhood. Less than 3 minutes later, when he drinks an elixir (given to him by Ohila) he is changed into a 'warrior'. Onset of this change is marked by regeneration energy which begins to flow from the Doctor's body. While his outward appearance is altered we do not witness a full regeneration. Why? Because only the living regenerate... what we witnessed was rebirth from death, not regeneration of life.

In 'The Angels Take Manhattan' we see regeneration energy used by the Doctor to heal River Song's wrist. Full regeneration does not always follow manifestation of regeneration energy.

The body that grew from the 10th Doctor's severed hand, recovered by Captain Jack Harkness, did not have 2 hearts, a key physical characteristic separating Time Lords from humans. The 'human' Doctor is not a Time Lord. His physical form is not a new incarnation of the Time Lord we know as the Doctor but rather a human 'copy' and it is for this reason alone that there has been but one 10th Doctor.

We have no reason to believe that the most recent incarnation of the Doctor is anyone but the 12th.

As a side note, the 'human' Doctor which grew from the 10th Doctor's hand would not have been present in 'The Day Of The Doctor' when the Doctor's other incarnations saved Gallifrey as he remained in a parallel universe with Rose Tyler in 'Journey's End'... moreover, he did not possess a TARDIS.

2 close-up stills:

Note how this close-up shot differs from the other above the cheekbones and below the chin.

Happy Travels!

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How does 'None other than #12' square with the Doctor being unable to regenerate without Time Lord intervention in 'The Time Of The Doctor'? Simple.

First let's agree that a Time Lord 'gets' 12 regenerations and that the 1st Doctor, who was 'born' a Time Lord, 'became' the 2nd Doctor when he regenerated for the first time. 1 Doctor, 12 regenerations = 13 incarnations. Agreed? This rationale would stipulate, require, specify, demand, etc. that the 11th Doctor had already regenerated 10 times which is to say he had 2 regenerations and as many incarnations remaining. Are you with me so far?

The human copy of the 10th Doctor 'spent' one of the Doctor's regenerations just as the Doctor becoming a warrior spent yet another. Factor these regenerations out of the 11th Doctor's life cycle of '10 down and 2 to go' and you're now looking at '12 and done' in a manner of speaking. This may seem to contradict how I arrive at the current Doctor being the 12th rather than the 14th but both rationales can peacefully co-exist.

You can run the fuel tank of a vehicle dry by operating it as a means of transport. You can run the fuel tank of a vehicle dry by operating it as a means of life support… to prevent you from freezing to death while stranded in blizzard conditions. Either way the tank is dry. While you didn't travel in the latter scenario you still 'spent' the energy and effectively shortened the life of its motor by a quantifiable number of hours. Despite the condition or age of a vehicle, total miles on its odometer are a key factor in determining its value or in figuring out how much life it has left just as total miles on a motor is key to determining how much 'life' it has left. In both examples there's a limit, just as the Doctor is limited to 12 regenerations. Look at it this way, no matter how the 'fuel' of regeneration energy is spent, a Time Lord's 'tank' is limited to 12 refills. The Doctor spent 2 refills or regenerations (or regeneration energy equal to same) 'growing' a 'human' 10th Doctor and by 'changing' into a 'Warrior' 8th Doctor.

In the end one has to wonder why all the fuss? Did there have to be a 'Warrior' 8th Doctor? Didn't the 9th Doctor make sufficient references about his role in the Time War to convince us that he was a major player in the conflict? Was the 'War Doctor' called into existence to salvage 'The Three Doctors' (a.k.a. The Day Of The Doctor) a brilliant script lacking a key component… a third Doctor? I say yes. Otherwise what reason could there be for artificially shortening the (11th) Doctor's life by robbing him of his remaining regeneration(s)? Why not leave well enough alone until the end of the 12th Doctor's run?

Happy Travels!

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