John Hurt's War Doctor Regeneration Scene Extended (SPOILERS) [VIDEO]

Administrator - Posted on 04 December 2013

Possible SPOILER if you haven't seen 'The Day of the Doctor' yet (is that even a possibility now?). John Hurt's 'War Doctor' regeneration scene extended just a bit more... See the video below.

Louis Trapani's picture

While this is fan-made, it may be what we were all expecting to see in that scene before it cut-away.

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When Peter Capldi was introduced as the next Doctor a fan-made intro for his series was made. Normally I wouldn't include it but it looks so good I thought you should see it. You can see it here:

this was posted on YouTube by billydakiduk


BTW: The episode title given is a total fablrication - I think it's there just to show how the sequence works.

Louis Trapani's picture

Cool intro. Thanks for sharing it. It's probably a bit too "old school" for the show today (I like old school). Although I like it, I doubt we would see the seal of Gallifrey in the opening titles. Well done though. 


(P.S. - I took the liberty of embeding the video in your post)

Troy Baker's picture

Some people have noted that there are some similarities between that and the new image from the BBC.


Notice all the clockwork gears in the background.


...and the image is where a clock face would be.



Probably, but I would like to think they were inspired by the video.

Louis Trapani's picture

Well, it is called The Time of the Doctor. So I imagine the clockwork gears is a representation of "time" here. 

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