Sonic The Plothog

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Blue Box Bill - Posted on 08 April 2013

Sonic The Plothog

Terileptil Leader: "Drop the sonic device."

-The Visitation, first aired 1982

Hello Doctor Who writers and everyone else involved in the show's production... it's time the magic wand was given a rest. Lighten up, Doc!

John-Nathan Turner is credited with saying: "When the writers rely on it to get out of every tight situation, there's no suspense, no variety. No drama." I could not agree more.

Some say the sonic screwdriver isn't overused. I say it is and challenge you to name the last episode in which it wasn't used. I honestly don't know the answer to this question but I do know that Doctor Who has lost some of its appeal because what once was a seldom used "tool" has for all intents and purposes made the Doctor all-knowing and just this side of invincible. He's a lord of time, not a god.

If the Doctor is going to continue to glean all manner of data from his sonic device by "reading" it as he does with great regularity, isn't it about time we got at least a glimpse of the data display? I mean if you're going to employ the use of such a device that has such amazing powers, why not give it some credibility?

My apologies if the sonic device factors less in the balance of this and future series.

This has been my pet peeve since the series came back, but it seems to have gotten even worse as of late.

To add insult to injury, it is used like a magic wand. It seems to be able to do everything these days on the Doctor's whim.

I say this as a "gadget person" and as someone that always liked the Sonic Screwdriver, but it needs limitations (not just wood). It can't be the Doctor's magic wand.


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