Douglas Adams Fan in NYC area?

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MythicDocWho - Posted on 19 March 2013




Anthony here (Editor of The Mythological Dimensions of Doctor Who)


Where to begin? Ahh well Douglas Adams was just this guy you know!


This year Douglas Adams would have been 61 on March 11th. Fans of Douglas Adams are also celebrating in their own hoopy fashion the 35th Anniversary of the 1st Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Radio Series, which started it all, and the 30th Anniversary of The Meaning of Liff.


Plus as we all do each year we celebrate his life and work with Towel Day gatherings on May 25th.



Recently Jessie and I rejoined the Douglas Adams Appreciation Society UK ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha, we then saw that an intrepid young man going by the name of Matthew Atias was  interested in getting fans of Douglas Adams and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy together in the New York City area.  Matthew posted in the ZZ9 facebook group and we immediately took to the brilliance of his idea.


The Galactic President, of ZZ9 UK, Alex McLintock, (whatever your idea of a spaceship he didn't steal it....yet) offered to Jessie and I to be the New York City Coordinators of ZZ9, which we, under no influence of a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, though I think it had the same effect, accepted.


Now as they say the rest is history, well only recent, within the last week or so history.


Working closely with Matthew we decided our first "Slouch" (as gatherings of Douglas Adams fans are described) would be Towel Day, celebrated worldwide on May 25th.


At this point in time we have launched a facebook page for ZZ9 USA and created an event page for Towel Day NYC. Plus your plastic pals who are fun to be with behind have posted in the United States section of the website. 


Currently, Matthew, Jessie and myself are having a planning meeting on March 28th to hammer out details for Towel Day NYC.


We want to make Towel Day in NYC EPIC!!


Subsequent to Towel Day we plan on having regular slouches in NYC.


So come and Slouch about with some hoopy froods who know where their towel is and let us know how Pan Galactic your Gargle Blaster is....






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