"Doctor Who" Series 7B airdates announced!

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Troy Baker - Posted on 29 January 2013

In an unusual move the BBC has already announced the "Doctor Who" will be returning to the airwaves on March 30.

You can find all the information here:



Also BBC America has announced the return on the same day:

The story is here:



With this news it will be a relief not to have a long wait since the last episode.(which was "The Snowmen"). 



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BBC has announced that a classic monster will be returning in the second part of the season. For those who don't wan't to know, the following paragraph is in white text. If you want to read just click and drag over the blank area.

(White text)____________________________________________________________

BBC has announced that the Ice Warriors will be returning in a story. They were first seen in the story "The Ice Warriors" (which features Patrick Troughton, Frazier Hines, and Deborah Whatlig) and haven't been seen since the story "The Monster of Peladon" (Jon Pertwee and Elisabeth Sladen).


Accoding to wikipedia it is slated to be a two-part story and will air as the eight and ninth episodes of the season (2nd and 3rd episodes when the show returns) .There are no titles given to the episodes yet but it's only a matter of time since we're less that two months away from the return.

You can read more about it here (Warning: Spoilers):




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According to BBC the title of the 7th episode (1st from break) is called 'The Bells of St. John'. It is also reported that this will be the point when Clara Oswin "officially" joins as a companion.


With that news comes a picture for the upcoming episode. You can find it here to download and save:



A WORD OF WARNING: The picture shows the 'redesigned classic monster" on it so if you don't want to be spoiled avoid looking too closely at the picture. A hint - they are the same ones referred to in the previous post. However if you want to see the returning monster you can see a close-up of the images from the picture here:



As for the the rest of the titles...

These are names given for 7 of the remaining episodes but most of them are not confirmed, so here is the list as it stands now. As usual I will have these in white text to avoid spoilers for those who don't want to know.

(WHITE TEXT)______________________________________________________________

7. The Bells of St. John

8. Phantoms of the Hex

9. The Cold War

10. N/A

11. Journey to the centre of the TARDIS

12. The Crimson Horror

13. The Last Cyberman

14. The Witching Hour


I repeat these are not confirmed (except for the 7th episode) so they may be subject to change.


A small note: In the previous post I mentioned that the returning "classic" monster was going to be in episodes 8 and 9 but so far I can only confirm that they will be in episode 9. The previous information I had may have been faulty.

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Already the episode are being shuffled around for 7B, as well as the titles for the episodes. What we now have (according to Den of Geek) is this:

(WHITE TEXT)_______________________________________________________


7. The Bells of St. John (unchanged)

8. N/A

9. the now unnamed Ice Warrior story

10. Phantom of the Hex (previously list as 8)

11 Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS (unchanged)

12. The Crimson Horror (unchanged)

13. The Last Cyberman (unchanged)

14. N/A (previously thought to be 'The Witching Hour')





In other news Jenna-Louise Coleman has confirmed that she is going to be in series 8.

You can read more about that here:


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Also in the news - Executive Producer, Caroline Skinner, has announced that she will be leaving "Doctor Who" to go to BBC Drama Production in London.


Read about it here:


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Well, now that the new series is starting I thought that I'd better check and update the titles for the remainder of the season. It's not so much a reshuffle as renaming.

Since thie series has already started I see no need to put these in white text, so here we go:


7. The Bells of Saint John (aired this weekend)

8. The Rings of Akhaten (previously unnamed)

9. Cold War (the Ice Warrior Story)

10. Hide (previously listed as Phantom of the Hex)

11. Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

12. The Crimson Horror

13. Nightmare in Silver (previously called The Last Cyberman)

14. N/A (still no title? ...why?)



episodes 7 10 are confirmed by the "posters" that were released through the BBC's Doctor Who website found here:



11 is confirmed by the story's writer

12. was confirmed on an interview on BBC radio 3

13 is confirmed by a tweet from Doctor Who Magazine

and 14... still waiting.

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