Operation Extermination: Daleks Invasion of Earth

TheBeardedCompanion - Posted on 09 November 2012

Hello I'm The Bearded Companion and today I force those vile pepper pots back into the DVD they invaded me from.


The Doctor finds himself in the war torn future of Earth. He, Ian, Susan and Barbara find this isn't a normal war it's against the Doctors main enemies in the early years. The Doctor and others manage to find survivors but the peril doesn't stop the bomb created by a man may provide solace but will the heroes survive? Will The Doctor grow a Peter Cushing Mustache? Yes and no....saddly.


This story has so much character development and thrills it's very hard to point down the best moments. Susans departure was really sad and made me feel genuinely sorry for her fate. Barbara has the most depressing story but thats the beauty of it. She sees such things that even Rose (yes I brought her up...sadly) would be bawling her eyes out, oh wait she does that all the time...1 for me 0 for Rose. 


Robomen and Daleks it's a bit metal on both ends. The Daleks are menacing and begin their trademark "Exterminate" but only in some areas. Robomen are well slow....yep that sums them up. Oh and this..

Supreme Dalek appearences: 1


The war torn sets are nicely designed and the attention to several small things is impressive. The costumes despite being chessy look good for those Robomen. Sadly those UFO's look so bad luckily a special edition cleaned them up and holy Rassilon they look 60's!

Final Verdict

Story - 9/10

Heroes  - 10/10

Villians - 8/10 darn Roboguys

Production - 8/10

Total - 34/40

That wraps up this little review hopefully this makes up for my lack of reviews. The Daleks have retreated back into the DVD and wait Day of the Dead is next!? Oh wait Day of the Daleks ok cool!

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