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Troy Baker - Posted on 11 October 2012

If you haven't noticed before now (I hadn't) a new season of Red Dwarf has hit the airwaves in the UK.

The last time Red dwarf was aired was three years ago for the "Back to Earth" series (now considered to be series IX). It is here for a six episode run, forty minutes each (including commercial breaks) and the titles of each episode are as follows:

1 - Trojan

2 - Fathers and Suns

3 - Lemons

4 - Entangled

5 - Dear Dave

6 - The Beginning.


Episodes one and two have aired as of today (Oct. 11, 2012) with the rest to run wekly. The four main Characters have returned but missing from the cast is Holly (neither Norman Lovett or Hattie Hayridge) but in episode 2 a new computer is installed called Pree.

For more information on the new series of Red Dwarf you can check things out here on wikipedia:


If you have other comments about the series, please comment.  Just do it in the appropriate episode. 

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What was missing from "Back to Earth" has come back - the cast seen re-energized and back to doing something enjoyable, and it shows in this episode. This series starts with the cast "back in from".

I can't say much about this episode for fear of giving away too many spoilers, however this is a Rimer-centric episode and it focuses on his family relationships.

The basic story is this:

The crew of the ship find a derelict ship the "SS Trojan".  While examining the ship, Rimmer inadvertently brings a ship near, that carries one of his brothers (who also happens to also be a hologram), and with him comes a robotic simulant.

Meanwhile Lister and Cat try to buy an automatic-stirrer from a shopping network and are on hold for almost  the entirety of the episode.


Returning gags from previous series:

Rimmer continues to fail his officer's exam.

Rimmer's jealousy of his brothers causes him to do crazy things.


Overall: A good episode. The show is back to it's basics and it feels like "Red Dwarf" again. On a scale of 0 to 5 - I give this episode a 4.

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Basic synopsis:

Lister celebrates "Father's Day" by sending himself Father's Day cards to himself since he is his own father (See the episode "Ourbourus" (season 7, episode 3) )

Rimmer points out how bad a father he is because he left himself under a pool table in his past - abandoned. The drunken Lister solemnly realizes that Rimmer might be right, so when he wakes up he finds a video for him to play.

The video Lister begins a regime of "tough-love" as suggested by the ship's dental-bot. The results of this is calamitous (in fact dangerous) and spurred on by the new ship's computer Pree (installed by Rimmer and Kryten).


Running gag: "Chinese whispers"


My opinion:

Though not as light as the opening on the series it is still a good episode but the darker nature merits it a 3.5 out of 5.

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After finding a do-it-yourself 'rejuvinating' shower kit (insert do-it-yourself or Ikea joke here) the foursome decide to put it together. But in basic Red Dwarf fashion they put it together incorrectly and are sent back in time.

Now that they are back in 23 AD they have to make a lemon battery (it's like a potato battery) to power the remote for the shower so they can get back. However they meet someone special from that time - Jesus.

When they get the remote working they accidentally bring Jesus back with him.



The idea seems like a good one but it doesn't quite ring true - at least to me. Maybe I got overexposed to the show because I had been playing old episodes of the show since the series returned. It's not a bad episode but it felt a little 'off'.


I give it a 3 out of 5.

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