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How do you rate Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy? (5=Fantastic)

Administrator - Posted on 15 September 2012

5 TARDIS Groans
7% (1 vote)
4 TARDIS Groans
33% (5 votes)
3 TARDIS Groans
40% (6 votes)
2 TARDIS Groans
13% (2 votes)
1 TARDIS Groan
7% (1 vote)
0 TARDIS Groans
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 15
Linquel's picture

I haven't been to the website in a while. Do people not discuss the show in the forums anymore? I just went to the Matt Smith era and was surprised to see that there weren't even any forum topics for the three shows that have aired so far.

I admit, I got a little annoyed by Chase and that was part of what kept me away. Is all the discussion happening on Facebook now or something?

Troy Baker's picture


It's been a while.

Not much has been said here - lately we've gotten more from DaveAC and Blue Box Bill than anybody else (myself excluded).

I'm sure the talk is out there, but everybody is looking for something on a regular basis - and I hate to admit it but, things have come in a little slow around here.

If you don't keep people's attention constantly - they tend to wander off and these days that happens more frequently than not. There is a whole plethora of podcasts and websites devoted to Doctor Who - it's very easy to get lost in the shuffle.

Right now things are a little slow because of so many others out there - but give it time and when the others begin to fade away the Gallifreyan Embassy will still be here.

Another thing is many get their news from twitter (everybody on GE does it), facebook and any other media source. The story is already out there so it doesn't really make sense to repeat it here.

BTW: I only report what I think is relieable so what may come in through questionable sources I'll ignore (unless it's really big news) unless I can confiirm it.


PS: I'm not on twitter, facebook or any of these other "social media" sites. I find them restricting and unreliable  - that's why I don't use them. When they perfect them I might consider using them. The news that many of these sites will give the information away to governments doesn't help their case to me - they are still too unreliable.

While there is use of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, I haven't seen them being used for in depth discussions or analysis.

Troy Baker's picture

At least we still have Podshock to give a more in depth examination of the new episodes.

However we still don't have that many discussing them here on the forums. What a shame.sad

daveac's picture

I find that when Dr Who is on TV I write much less on Forums

One because I'm busy ... who isn't

Two I might get spoilt about the upcoming episode

Three (the Power of Three) I' watching or Podcasting.

Same with Golf and Tennis - when it's on TV I get very interested ... in watching - and when it's not on I'm doing other things.

I do however keep my eye on these Forums :-)

Cheers, daveac

Linquel's picture

On a whim, I went to the old Podshock website. Planet of the Dead had six pages of discussion. :)

The current season doesn't even have threads created to discuss them in. Not that I feel this season has had anything really worth discussing. IMO it's the weakest season since the revival.

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