New "Doctor Who" specials on BBC America

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Troy Baker - Posted on 29 July 2012

For the last couple of years (since Matt Smith became the Doctor) BBC America has run specials that lead up to the new episodes.

Well, now for the new season the specials are coming out. Starting Aug 4 we get the first special - "The Science of Doctor Who" which airs at 9:00 PM (EDT).

The following week BBC America airs the new special "The Women of Doctor Who" (airing Aug, 11 at 9:00 PM (EDT))

As of now they have not listed any other specials on their schedule but I wouldn't be surprised if there was at least one more.

But we know what comes after they run the new specials - new "Doctor Who". So start looking for them to air soon - however BBC and BBC America has not placed the show on the schedule yet but in both instances the schedule only goes up to two to three weeks.



Since I've posted this I've discovered that there are more specials coming up.

On Auguast 18th (at 9:00 PM) the new special called "The Timey-Wimey of "Doctor Who".

and on Aug. 25 (again at 9:00PM) will air the last of the new specials called "The Destinations of "Doctor Who"".

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Thanks for posting this... I had heard that there would be some BBC America specials coming this way, but not their titles. "The Science of Doctor Who" --- interesting. I didn't think there was any left in the series as of the last several years. Do the writers of the series know about it? wink

Hopefully these specials will find their way to iTunes after they are broadcast, but who knows (no pun intended).


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Since the first special aired last night (The Science of "Doctor Who") I thought that I'd check to see if the special was available on iTunes and you'll be glad to know that the first special is there.

However since I'm in the USA it might not be available for other markets (like the UK, Australia, Germany etc...)  I can only suggest that you use the search on your version of iTumes and look for the specials by title.

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Cool. I will have to check it out. Thanks for the info.



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The BBC America website has now listed information about the first special - "Tha Science of Doctor Who".

You can find out about it here:


there is also a companion  video called "How is "Doctor Who" good for science".

You can see it here:



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BBC America has e-cards as a "little extra" ro be a companion for the upcoming specials.


For the card for the first Special "The Science of "Doctor Who""

For the second e-card to go with "The Women of "Doctor Who"" (the second special).

for the third special "The Timey-Wimey of "Doctor Who"" the companion e-card can be found here:

and for the e-card that companions the last special, "The Destinations of "Doctor Who"", you can find it here:


It's not much but it is "a little something extra" made available for the the specials.



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