The Bearded Companion Reviews The Daleks

TheBeardedCompanion - Posted on 03 June 2012

The very fist episode I ever saw was the 2005 episode Dalek. My uncle then introduced me to the world of Doctor Who and I was hooked. For the last few days have tried to watch the first appearance of the Daleks and well here I am.


The Doctor, Susan, Barbra and Ian arrive on a planet that has petrified which sparks The Doctor's intrigue. After a little trick he and the others arrive at the desolate city only to be hunted down by the giant salt shakers. The group slowly dying and fatigued decide to go out to find the drug that will help them. After the Thals help the Daleks make a plan to ambush the Thals. The plans goes well until the Doctor and the group escape. Ian blows the Daleks plan and they manage to join forces to fight the Daleks. The Doctor, Thals and his rag tag group manage to defeat these pepper pots. With the Doctor and allies victorious they journey to the ends of the stars.



The Doctor is a bit more mischevious in this incarnation than I thought. He seems to seek out trouble than let come to him. The Doctor also has a grandfatherly charm which is nice when compared to his bitter counterparts of today.

Susan is just a young girl with a penchant for having fun. She is rather smart but still naive. Although I did agree with the Daleks she should stop with that noise.

Barbara suffers from 60's disease. A typical screamer and only knows her womanly duties. I did like how she was a bit more developed as the story went on.

Ian was good he did seem to care about everyone and was very loyal to his friends. I did like how he showed the Thals what taking action for a just cause.



The Daleks weren't too different from the other incarnations, evil and all metal. They don't say their catchphrase since it wasn't thought of at the time. The best part for me though was at the point when they told the Doctor and Susan their plan. 



The Daleks was a very unique for its time. The sets do look very good and the miniatures look very detailed. The petrified forest was ok though since the lack color, at least to me, really made me wonder what it looked like. To see a stone tree or flower sounds really interesting. However it's the Daleks that take the cake. The designs are very good and really feel like they are tanks.



The Story - 8/10

Heroes - 7/10

Villian - 8/10

Production - 9/10

Final Verdict on episode - 8/10


Hope you enjoyed this review! Next to come is


The Daleks Invasion of Earth

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