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Standing with arms folded behind his back in one of the many meeting rooms aboard UNIT’s version of SHIELD’s airborne hele-carrier the Valiant, Director Nick Furry admires the photos of current and past Brigadiers.  One in particular, who’s recent death has hit many who knew him hard.


“Director Furry, welcome.” Furry’s good eye swivels towards the voice.


“Thank you.” turning to see the C.O. of the Valiant standing before him.  “My condolences for the loss of Brigadier Lithbridge-Stewart.” nodding his head.


“Coming from you Director it’s much appreciated.” offering him a seat.  “Did the two of you meet?” 


In passing at some formal gala.” the C.O. noting Furry’s stature was similar to the late Lithbridge-Stewarts when it came to formal gatherings.  Neither were fond them.


“How can UNIT assist you Director?” knowing the current director of SHIELD was sizing up his ship.


“As you know the Earth was attacked nearly three weeks ago, and I was hoping to get the aid of your Scientific Advisor to analyze the data Iron Man,” each knowing the other knew the man behind the metal.  “gathered when he entered the Wormhole.”


“I’m sorry to say Malcolm Taylor is currently on admissions leave and not due back till sometime next month.” the C.O. couldn’t help thinking Director Furry had an other angle.


“Not Mr. Taylor,” Furry thumb itching the brow of his good eye.  “I’m talking about your Agents Code Named ‘the Doctor.’” the C.O. couldn’t help but smirk a bit.  No many outside the British Branch of UNIT new or old knew all the Doctors was. But one man.


“Did I say something amusing?” Director Furry not seeing the joke.


Head lowering some.  “The Doctor no longer works with us.” pointing out.  “And when does it’s pretty much freelance and on his own terms.” Furry noticing the C.O. referred to this Doctor as if he was but one person.


“Then give me the means to contact him, and I will tell him myself.” trying hard to remain calm.


“That’s just it, we really don’t have the means to contact him per say.” Furry’s mood starting to shift to his namesake.  “he just shows up, and many times,” knowing he shouldn’t let intel out.  “we’re not certain which one it will be.”


“Let me get this straight, you have a Freelance Operative you never know when he’s going to show up, nor which of them it will be.” the C.O. nodding.


“What would your late Brigadier think about this.” tension than question.


“Well, he was the one who warned us about all of them.” the C.O. recollecting how the version who was Scientific Advisor during the Brig’s tenor showing up with Jo Grant when they found Jimmy Olson.  


Furry telling this C.O. was quite cocky bout the Intel he just off handedly relayed.


“Can you leave a message for whichever one to look over the data?” eye scanning the C.O.


“Sure, I believe impart that level of curtsy.” purposely holding out his hand on Furry’s bad side.


“Thank you.” Furry disliking what this pompous ass did.  Pausing at the glass doors.  “SHIELD’s is far superior to this knock off.” 


Due to Director Furry’s angle, his patched eye had a clear view of the corridor.  Causing him to miss the 8th Doctor and Lucie Miller as the lift doors... came... to.

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