End of an Era: Doctor Who Confidential Ends Saturday 1st October.

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The2ndDoctor - Posted on 28 September 2011

As of Saturday the 1st of October, Doctor Who Confidential is no more. After six years of coverage of the production of Doctor Who and background information, Confidential comes to an end, but it goes out with a bang, not with a whimper.

As followers of the British Schools Writing Competition should know, Confidential has been following the process and on Saturday it comes to a climax as the finished episode "Death is the Only Answer" is transmitted on Confidential. 

So thank you Doctor Who Confidential for all your information, past and present. You shall be missed.

Doctor Who Official Website: Original Story

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What a disappointing bit of news.

This is indeed a end of an era for "Doctor Who". - to have the show and then not to have the confidential with it will seem strange, since it's been there since the show returned. I enjoy watching the behind-the-scenes stuff they did in making the show.

Good, with luck DW will soon follow. At least in its present state (of decay).


Frankly I stopped watching Confidential for fear of more anger toward Moffat (if that is possible). The man says something dumb or stupid every 20 seconds.

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In an on-line poll done by RadioTimes website there is a poll where people hare voting on whether or not "Doctor Who: Confidential" should have been cancelled.

At the time of this posting over 4,700 votes have been cast and the results are currently

Q: Do you think Doctor Who Confidential should have been axed?


Yes  - 9.39% (448 votes)

No - 89.69% (4,280 votes)

Doctor Who? -  0.92% (44 votes)


The result show an almost 9 out of 10 voting against it's cancellation.


The poll is still on-going so you can go the website a vote as well. The poll is located here:

RadioTimes.com - Nine out of ten say save Doctor Who Confidential



I say go out on top but wait, it's too late to go out on top. Both shows are awful now thanks to the Moffat. He's awful and ground both shows to a grinding halt quality wise.I wish it was the end of an era.

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