The Girl who Weighted Down the Show

Chase - Posted on 25 September 2011

0/5 or 0/10. That's me done. Doctor Who fan no longer or least until Moffat is gone. He sucks. The show sucks. The acting sucks. I'ts easy to try to impress as you act old behind old make up and make your voice seem deeper. Karen is awful, Arthur is awful, Smith is awful, script is awful, story is awful. There's nothing to latch onto that deals with real life or anything that matters. The entire thing is just awful. Timey whimey indeed. If this is DW doing time stories then do less please. I'm done until Moffat is gone. This is not almost unwatchable--it's unwatchable. I watched a bit of ALIENS OF LONDON and WORLD WAR THREE today and even though there were hokey parts, jokey parts, there was danger, relationship issues, some good and some bad in the characters and how they relate and treat each other...but it was all there and important and filled with care about a good program with interesting situations and characters...and then late tonight there was this.

Claptrap, boring, silly, robots, yelling at each other, karen acting all angry and mad, the Doctor is just told he's hated by Amy and all he can do is admire her sonic screwdriver...which she somehow made and then in a mad deep voice she says, "PROBE." Awful. Truly awful. This show sucks now. Dump Moffat. Dump Karen. Even dump Matt is you have to and start anew with dynamic interesting characters, a fresh new admirable Doctor who's more serious and yet fun to be around, time travel that's fun to experience, and emotions that can be linked to the real world. Otherwise, tha'ts me unhappy about a once GREAT show gone bad. It's soooo bad and has fallen so far. Yes, I liked last week but one look at some of your other comments made me realize it was an unrealized script with lots of holes and lots of unanswered questions. No matter how you try to force Amy, Rory, and the silly Doctor on us, this trio just does not work for the show or for me at least.

Terrible, terrible, terrible.

To think we had BLINK, GIRL IN THE FIREPLACE, EMPTY CHILD, DOOMSDASY, CHRISTMAS INVASION, HUMAN NATURE, FIRES OF POMPEII, the Agatha Christie episode, the entire first season of Chris (except LONG GAME), SCHOOL REUNION and so many more great episodes and now we get on a continual basis total crap.

Oh boy am I tired of Matt's ranting and looney speeches. He's awful now too. Call me a non fan until Moffat leaves as show runner. Which he's not doing. he's not running anything or maybe that's not fair, he is running the show into the ground so that it means nothing about nothing and reacxhing a connection to no one (well, at least not me).

gosh, how the mighty fall.

ALL in IMO. Hate this show now. Worse than TW. 

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