The Moffat...uh, God Complex

Chase - Posted on 25 September 2011

Okay I gave it a 3/5--it WAS good. Lo and behold. Finally. In any case, I still have to get it on DVD to find out A LOT of the dialog...mumble mumble mummble speak fast speak fast especially when explaining. I have to admit I have no idea what was happening or what happened so I need the dvd subtitles--it's worse than a foreign language to me now. Matt talks too fast and for the first half of this he was all smiles and loon again and it was irritating me so he gets knocked off his high horse in the second part...but...

...hasn't the Doc been knocked off his high horse enough already to have learned? No? I guess he never really learns.

Loved the ending for an number of reasons, not the least of which I hope we've seen the last of Amy and Rory but I know Moffat and he's not going to sit still and let that be the last we see of the nose and the legs but I hope we have...they're frankly boring. Of course, the doc dropping them off is no new thing...he's been separated from them for...about two or three other times and for along periods of time so this is nothing new. He intends not to come back but can he resist? I predict he's going to have to come back to save them or some such boredom.

As for this plot...welllll, we've seen it or read it a million times. There's this monster see, and it feeds on fear (LOST IN SPACE-SPACE CREATURE) or agression (STAR TREK-DAY OF THE DOVE) or hatred (SPACE: 1999-LAMBDA FACTOR) or some other thing. Not to mention eps of THE OUTER LIMITS, VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA, even LAND OF THE GIANTS, and many, many others. And then there's the unrealness of the whole thing: illusions factor in many episodes of STAR TREK, VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA, and LOST IN SPACE among others. but at least this time, the dead stay dead.

The halls get wide (POLTERGEIST) and the rooms have horrible things in them (RED ROSE, THE SHINING and any number of Stephen King novels and movies and tv shows). There's a nurse (?) who is like Martha a bit, a cowardly alien (have we seen this race before?) and a nerdy kid who blogs. And a gambler. In fact, this entire thing is like a Stephen King movie of the week. It's not bad, just not terribly exciting and the monster is...a Minotaur. Frankly it 's nothing new and nothing earth shattering. Although if the Earth did shatter, chances are in Moffa'ts universe, it'd be back in two shakes.

This wasn't bad though and for the first time ina number of episodes, I did not lose interest, find huge plot holes, or tune out mentally and emotionally due to lack of anything for my own mind and emotions to feed on. Still, the actors can stop talking so fast and start enunciating clearly and louder.

Again, not bad and not fantastic, just sort of good. Which is a huge improvement over almost all of the Moffat era.

And another huge improvement will be Amy and Rory gone: an awful run with them. Awful companions, especially Amy. Awful Doctor too. Hopefully his persona will go back to being somewhat serious during the scenes that have to be serious and not looning it up while everyone is dying. Please get a good companion but as I suspect Moffat, who's always railed against bringing anything old back, will bring back his two old companions...who stink frankly.

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