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Administrator - Posted on 24 September 2011

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Doctor Who: Closing Time Reviewed on Doctor Who: Podshock

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Cybermen have become the whipping-boy jokes of the series, like the Ferengi of  Next Generation.  Tedious episode made only to serve as an excuse to tease us w/ the last bit w/ River Song....which is a very very stale cliffhanger.  Previous three episodes were great - this one, not so much at all.  Get better Steven - only one more to go!!

Mr. Magister

0/5 or 0/10, awful awful awful. Matt Smith is now the official worst Doctor ever. His delievery, his mumbling, his affective mannerisms, his hand waves, his silly tones, his sick looking countenance (really, I hope he's not ill, he looks ill), and his way of moving is just awful. He's awful as the Doctor. The script does not help...again.

DW is officially retarded now. Stupid, ridiculous and forced in every aspect. We don't know what to do with Sophie so let's get rid of her. We think we have gay fans so let's give them a laugh...all the way through the 54 minutes...only, they don't give it to us, it's not funny, if anything it's mildly worth one "ha" and then it gets offensive. The Doc wants to distract his pal so he admits his love for him. This isn't about love, it's about insults and it's about nothing really.

So the domestic that RTD did and did mostly well, cannot be done by this team and by Moffat...we have a baby, yeah, we have a mess of a house, yeah, sure, we have food and diapers and a mumuring Doctor who hasn't yet grown up at all. He's still just thinking about himself AND the human race he's always...he doesn't really have anything new to say about himself or the human race...which leads me to...

DW isn't even trying anymore...the science, the real world aspects, the fictinal aspects, every bit of it is boring, tedious, stupidly explained if it even is explained...and dumb. So Craig was saved by love, was he? The CM were under the store under ground were they? Or were they on a ship? I still need subtitles to figure out this crap but who wants a dvd of this?

Remember other CM stories, flawed by exciting adventures. Let's take REVENGE OF THE CM and EARTHSHOCK. Okay, flawed but here we had two far flung adventures out in space with mostly kind people and some wonderful villains and threat of a disease or two...and the loss of a companion...tension, cyber mats that attack people with intent and reason...and a war, a spacestation, underground caves with a killer or two, murders, a ship headed for destruction...and in both it's exciting, a near crash landing, Cyber bombs, threats, the Doc counteracting the CM...that's when DW was a far flung adventure in space and time but the characters were still relateable and said things we might say...

...all of which this crap isn't. DW is just terrible now. It's come down and down and down every week. And if the main story isn't bad enough, dreging up a sort of domestic unease (badly...WHO is a good fatgher unless they've fought off Cyber conversion just thinking about their baby crying...sentimental twaddle that just doesn't work..just as Amy wishing the Doc back to life in last season didn't work), i'ts about worrying about the Doctor. No real adventure and when there is an action scene, it's because the Doctor locked himself out of the house...and has to plough through glass...just terrible. And did anyone think of the 8th Doctor getting through the glass when the 11th put his hand up to the flat glass. Just what was he doing besides setting up fans to think of that moment? Was he going to go through it?

And even in the toy store and the dept store and the house there was no real threat or shadowy menace. It just sits there and then to top it all off with more awfulness we get that crap at the end with the three children...just who were they? Why are we hearnig their thoughts? Just why are they im;portant? How were their thoughts recorded in the diary? Then we get that dumb villainess and the dumber River Song. Oh and the silly scene wiht Rory and Amy and was that little girl River? Dumb dumb dumb. They just happen to be in the same store?

Who wrote this? They should never write DW again. It's not even good bad. It's not even fan fic level. It's terrible. I hate this show now and it deserves to go off the air. Just awful. Negative numbers should be given to it.   



Watched this with my 12 year old niece who liked Sarah Jane Adv and loved David Tennant from the few DW she's seen. She also saw the ep of Sarah Jane iwht the 11th Doctor and didn't like him much but when she was the angels part one only story---she said she likes Matt better but still likes Tennant. Which is interesting. She watched last night's mess wiht me and I could tell that she didn't really like it but didn't want to say because I like the show so much. She's very very smart and figured out some of the stuff without my explaining and when I explained the arc stuff as best I could, she got it, thought some of it was absurd and figured out a theory about the little kids in the end.

Thing is: not that she's gonig to get anything educational from THIS DW but I didn't want her to learn about gay stuff this way. She already knows a lot but how much more rewarding could it have been if she saw a gay couple or gay stuff portrayed emotioinally strong and relationship oriented instead of being played for belly laughs...and it wasn't funny to her either. To me, it was wide eyed shocking to have the Doc suddenly grab Craig and delcare love and want to kiss him just to distract him. Appaling script, appaling acting. Just terrible. Did no one think this was stupid on the crew or cast?

the main problem i have with this episode is that i find it hard to belive that any father would be happy to put their baby in so much danger by following the doctor around the shop at night. I know he likes and ows a lot to the doctor. But there is a limit to that when when a child is involved.

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