Day Of The Daleks - Episode 2 Discontinuity (Plus a quick review of the Special Edition DVD)

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Blue Box Bill - Posted on 18 September 2011

Here's another bit of discontinuity that didn't make it into the Official Guide.....

In Day Of The Daleks, Episode 2, Jo Grant arrives in the 22nd century where she is met and questioned by the Controller. Notice the positioning of the Controller's chair near the conclusion of this meeting as he informs Jo that food and a guest room await her. He asks Jo "one last question" which she answers and then she (Jo) departs with her escort after which the Controller turns around to once again speak to his dalek masters. The Controller isn't the only one turning around. Notice his chair. We were looking at the back of it but now we see the front. It's positioned in such a way that the Controller may casually place his hands on the corners of the chair back, situating him ideally for his moment of gloating before the daleks.

This scene flows neatly into the next by a rather clever means as we see the Controller's face framed by a video monitor which the daleks are viewing (if not using to communicate with the Controller in his command center). In the newly released Day Of The Daleks Special Edition (Disc 2) this particular monitor has been "upgraded" to feature 3 silvery buttons along the bottom right of its frame. Would someone please tell me how a dalek's sucker can touch 1 of those 3 almond sized buttons without touching all 3? Nonsense.

Back to the Controller's chair..... don't expect me to buy into the notion that it's remotely controlled as the explanation for how it got spun around. In the very first scene that the chair appears we see the Controller (seated in his chair) doing the Skaro Shuffle (with his boot heels) as he turns the chair to speak to 2 ogrons. By the way, one bit of dialogue was edited out of this particular scene in the Special Edition version, which is to say it seems an ogron is only permitted to speak like an Oaf. You'll have to watch both editions to see what I mean.

This didn't start out as a review of the Special Edition but is rapidly becoming one. Watch it! There are a number of tweaks that really bring the story into the here and now despite the dated quality of the original recording onto which all the enhancements are layered. Some awesome firepower effects, not to mention Nick Briggs' voice of the daleks, and then there's Mark Ayres..... and..... well, that's enough of that. No spoilers here! I'd give the Special Edition 4.5 out of 5 Tardis groans.

Happy travels!

I wasn't worried about the continutity.  I was quite impressed with the special edition.  It gave it a slightly more modern feel without losing the charm of the original.  I liked the newly shot planet scenes and Nicholas Briggs' new Dalek voiceovers.  The battle scenes were enhanced by the use of some actors dressed as 1970's era UNIT soldiers and a period looking Ogron.  Even the lasers from the weapons madem it look good.  I also liked the simple things like adding the green wave effects on the TV screens and the disintegrating battle victims. 

People who have only been exposed to the new series might find this one to be a but more palatable thanks to these enhancements that really do not hut the charm of the oringinal.

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The Special Edition gives the story a slightly more modern feel without losing the charm of the original. Well said. I could not agree more.

New firepower effects are very impressive, sound all around is improved, plus a few glitches present in the original were edited out of the update and all without compromising the story in any way.

Happy Travels!

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