Destiny Of The Daleks - Episode 3 Discontinuity

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Blue Box Bill - Posted on 17 September 2011

Just after Davros' miraculous resurrection during which he does not appear to be connected to any power source that might give him a jump-start, as it were, he proclaims, "So... the long darkness is ending, the eternity of waiting is over, the resurrection has come, as I always knew it would." He then sets out to find his Daleks.

Moments later, 1 minute and 34 seconds into the episode to be precise, followed by Romana and Tyssan, the Doctor begins to push a heavily cobwebbed and dusty old Davros away from his bunker. After a brief cutaway to a Dalek scene that lasts less than 30 seconds the action returns back to where we left off with the Doctor, Davros, Romana and Tyssan with the Doctor still pushing Davros. All four emerge from a corridor or some other such passageway through a door at the 2 minute 7 second mark of the episode when we see a pristine (if such a word can be used to describe one of the most evil beings in the known Universe) Davros. Yes, the creator of the Daleks is cobweb free. Looks like he was Hoovered as well. No pun intended.

The Doctor is seen to pick and pull at the sticky and strong cobwebs on Davros before giving the megalomaniac, an unwilling passenger, a hurried ride away from his bunker. The cobwebs and dust didn't just blow off or fall away during a 30 second run. Impossible!

The fan club I helped to found a whole lot of years ago, Dr. Who, M.D. (the M.D. stood for Mason-Dixon) featured in our club newsletter, The Gallifrey Communiqué, stories like this wherein members described discoveries they had made about the show. Some of what we saw appears in the official Discontinuity Guide, but some did not. This one I just spotted. It's not in the guide. Just keeping it real, which is to say as fantastic as most trips are when one travels with the Doctor, at the end of the day he is a mere mortal playing a part in the longest running sci-fi show on the planet. But can you imagine the cosmos without him?

Happy travels!

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