New 4th Doctor Series - Serpent Crest begins release.

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Troy Baker - Posted on 13 September 2011

BBC Audiobooks has begun the release of a new series featuring the 4th Doctor (played by Tom Baker) - Serpent Crest.


Cover for Part 1 of Serpent Crest: Tsar Wars

The series follows the series Hornet's Nets and Demon Quest with Tom Baker returning as the 4th Doctor. Also returning with him is Susan Jameson returning to her role as Mrs. Wibbsey and later in the series Richard Franklin will return to his role as former-Captain Mike Yates in the 4th part of the series.


Like the previous two series they will be broken into 5 parts with the titles of part as follows(with release dates):

Part 1: Tsar Wars (September 8)

Part 2: The Broken Crown (October 6)

Part 3: Aladdin Time (November 3)

Part 4: The Hexford Invasion (December 8)

Part 5: Survivors in Space (also December 8).


One of the guest in the series is Michael Jayston who is best know to 'Who fans' as the Valeyard in the 14-part story 'Trial of a Time Lord'.  Other guest include Terrence Hardiman (The Beast Below), Joanna David, Geoff Leesley, Su Douglas and Andrew Sachs (Shada (webcast), The Boy that Time Forgot (Big finish story).


For more news concerning this story you can see it here at:

Doctor Who News Page - Doctor Who: Serpent Crest


...and don't forget - starting in January, Big Finish will begin releasing their 4th Doctor adventures as well so look for Tom Baker and Louise Jameson (as Leela) when those start coming out.


Cheers smiley


EDIT: These plays seem to play out as an audio drama as opposed to a narration with drama accenting the story - more like a Big Finish play.

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The second part of the 'Serpent Crest" series has come out. The title of it is 'The Broken Crown' and starts Tom Baker and Susan Jameson as they are trapped in Hexford village of 1861 while their only hope of returning home is the TARDIS which is over 150 years in the future. To top things off, they discover that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to the residents of this time.



Coming in November - "Serpent Crest: Aladdin Time".

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Part three of the Serpent Crest series is available. The story picks up where the last part left off - The Doctor, Alex and Mrs. Wibbsey had been sucked into the Skishtari egg artifact and find themselves much like the times of Aladdin and Scheherazade .

Guest in this episode are Simon Sheppard as the Magician, Guy Harvey as Aladdin, Andrew Sachs as The Scarf, Terrance Hardiman as Gryphon, Su Douglas as Toad, and Sophie Ward as The Storyteller.



Next month the series will finish with the release of the final two parts - Part 4: The Hexford Invasion, and part 5: Survivors in Space. Both are to be released December 8th.

A big guest in the final two episodes - none other than the son of 3rd Doctor, Patrick Troughton - David Troughton, appearing as a Character known only as The Visitor. He is known for his appearances in "Doctor Who'" as King Peladon (The Curse of Peladon), and Professor Hobbs (Midnight) as well as his many appearances in Big Finish audios.

The first five minutes of this audio TSAR WARS is just so awful I couldn't listen to more. And I have to say I LOVE Tom Baker but this start was so randomly terrible, the worst start to any DW story anywhere in any format, that I just couldn't. Here's hoping they end this awful NEST COTTAGE or whatever they are calling it, soon. They are of limited intelligence and poor plot and far too over the topness for me. In short, they're as awful as season five and six of the New DW series.

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