Chase - Posted on 27 August 2011

That's it. I'm done. I am done being a DW fan or watcher.At least it feels that way. Moffat has ruined me for DW and ruined DW for me. He's just awful. LE'TS KILL HITLER was so very wrong on almost every count. Again, there are some good ideas around there floating but every scene is so bad and so poorly written and River Song actress Alex Kingston is so poor, performing as if she's in a jokey show and hokey show and maybe she's right. Every scene is poorly played and set up. Mels shoots the console but we don't see the Doc and her confrontation...it's happened already and they shake and crash. They don't even really have Hitler as the main confrontation...it's more River Song stuff and so very silly and so very boring. Why didn't River wait to see if her lipstick (GET SMART used poison lipstick) killed the Doc.


Why does Matt Smith play dying as comedy? Why is it writtne that way? Why does hte start talking and then say, "I'm dying here."  it's all done as long dragged out scenes and it's so terrible.


EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT SEX BUT WERE AFRAID TO ASK and a recent Eddie Murphy movie had little aliens in a huge robot that pretended to be a man. Why did the body have killer anti bodies inside that could even kill the crew? Rory can drive a motorbike. The dialog is awful. I lsot TOTAL interest at maybe a half hour in. I could care less. River goes to get clothes in a party. Amy has a robot of herself.


Is it just me? Maybe it is. DW sucks under Moffat's writing and his production. He dosen't know what he's doing and the show is so awful now. I can't believe it gets ratings. It' stumps me. I'ts so very bad, no real threat, no real story, no real action or adventure...it's just so bad, so poor and so awful. Tha'tsx really all I can say at this point. It's gotten so bad...this is worse than TIME AND THE RANI, PARADISE TOWERS, HAPPINESS PATROL, and TRIAL OF A TIME LORD. It's about nothing. Things turn up and things happen that make no sense, that bore, and that contain almost no wonder.


I hated this story and give it a 0/10 but calling it a story is mistake...it's not one. It's a bunch of scenes, some of them predictable and the ones that aren't make little sense or bore the socks off one. WHEN will Moffat leave? He's awful.

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I don't like Moffat's style either. But what can you do... he is the one in charge...

Maybe he will leave and someone with more imagination will come :)

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