Chase - Posted on 19 June 2009

if this magazine/calendar weren't mentioned in the fourth season retrospective book MONSTERS INSIDE, a good book in and of itself, I wouldn't have known of its existence. John Peel writes an entire diary of the Doctor from Doc One to Doc Ten featuring all his adventures from TV in diary format with photos from the show(s) and some great artwork. It goes up to the end of some story where the Titanic crashes into the TARDIS (perhaps the lame Master triology ending, an even lamer ending tagged on but whatever). To be honest the idea of a diary written by the Doctor himself is a great one. Unfortunately by including EVERY ADVENTURE leaves little room to elaborate on the Doctor's thoughts in any great depth about any one of them as it's just move on to the next detailing of the adventure. Still it's nice to see this trying. There's little fiction involved really in any meaningful way and as much as I love John Peel as a writer and a person, this could have been so much more and done so much better but it would have been longer and I don't think it was meant to be a speculative piece on the Doctor's thoughts but it could have been. As a guide to the stories it's great in a way. There is also a bit about the 8th Doctor moving onto his regeneation just after the Time War but there's nothing there that most of us haven't imagined the time war to be and the end that most of us have imagined to happen...and that's about it. The book starts off well though and promises to be a great adventure and on that note, it succeeds.     

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