DVD Reissues

JeffL - Posted on 12 August 2011

I have been buying the classic series DVD's since they started releasing them back in 2000. I have all of the US releases. There are still several that have not been released yet but now they're starting to reissue a few such as "The Five Doctors", "Talons of Weng Chiang", "Carnival of Monsters", and "Resurrection of the Daleks." What is the point?  These DVD's have been available for years.  There are still a few I'm waiting on some such as "Nightmare of Eden," "Face of Evil," "Invasion of the Dionsaurs" and "Mind of Evil."  Frustrating for a collector such as myself.

BBC should release the show in season box sets like every other series does. Instead they claim that they cannot do that because of damaged Pertwee's stories and the fact that it takes time to make the "extras". Frankly the extras are not, of late, all that good to be honest and I could do without a lot of them. They stink. I'd rather have seen the series releated season by season rather than this haphazard way.

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