Happy Anniversary to Us! 24 Years of Time and Space.

Administrator - Posted on 18 June 2009

It was 24 years ago today, that the Gallifreyan Embassy was founded. It was a different world at that time. The current Doctor was Colin Baker. His stories had just started to make their way to the States. Doctor Who was being shown across the country in the US via local PBS stations. There was no BBC America, no Sci-Fi Channel (or "Syfy"), there wasn't even the World Wide Web then. There were conventions, both dedicated Doctor Who conventions and science fiction conventions with Doctor Who guests and many fans looking to meet and feed their addiction in between cons.

To celebrate our 24th anniversary, we joined DWNY (Doctor Who New York) for a joint meet up on Monday, the 15th of June at the Peculier Pub in Manhattan. Joining all the DWNY regulars were Ken Deep, Louis Trapani, Doctor Who: Podshock's Special Correspondent Billy Davis (AKA "The White Robot"), West Coast Correspondent Joshua Lou Friedman all the way from California, Tara Wheeler (minus her TARDIS as seen at Gallifrey 20) with her husband David both traveling from Colorado, and also coming from all the way from California; Daphne Ashbrook (Dr. Grace Holloway from the 1996 Doctor Who movie) with her daughter Paton and Vito Gregoli.

Not everyone traveled thousands of miles to be there, "locals" such as Taras Hnatyshyn (Gallifreyan Embassy Moderator and Doctor Who: Podshock Regular Contributor), Natalie, Andre Tessier, Bob and Bill of the Long Island Branch of UNIT attended, and many others (some which we haven't seen in years).

Some of our long time members and listeners could not be there being it was a Monday night (work night) and had to be up early the next day for work and/or they could not travel into New York for it. Also in consideration is that we had only announced the joint meet up a little more than about a week and a half before it taking place. That said, we were delighted with the turn out and as always the DWNY meet ups in general are always a great deal of fun.

It was not just our birthday, it was the day before DWNY's President, Barnaby's birthday as well. To that end, Daphne Ashbrook and others joined in to sing him a "Happy Birthday" at the event. Also in tradition with other DWNY meet ups, Daphne received a DWNY mug.

If you could not be there, it is understandable. There is always next year for our big "Silver Nemeses" Jubilee. We couldn't had asked for a better way to celebrate our 24th anniversary and step into our 25th year traveling with the Doctor throughout time and space.

As we celebrate the last 24 years and move forward, there were many that could not attend the event Monday night which played key roles in keeping the organization going, especially in the lean years. They include but are not limited to Beth Trekman, Genie Betts, Lois Yassell, Rosanne Hoagland, Chase (The Anti-Doctor), Keith Klitses, and Tim Grogan among others.

I know we havent used such terms in quite some time, but I am feeling nostalgic!!  We should consider having an old traditional ”meeting” someplace on a Sunday to celebrate.   At the very least, we should have one in August or September (which ever coincides with the first monthly meeting at Rockville Centre) Maybe even in the same spot!!!  Wish I could have made it to the gathering in the city, but as you said....  weekday and all (and at night, something we never did in the days of meetings)  TTFN   Tim

Louis Trapani's picture

I haven't gone by the name Lord President since oh, before you were born. Well, not quite. We are having our Second Life meet up in August (I believe the 15th). It would be nice if we could arrange something this summer in first life.

We were supposed to start having regular meet ups again at a pub or such. We need someone to be in charge of the logistics of that and making it happen. 

Rockville Centre, you remember that. That was our very first meeting at the Holiday Inn. It doesn't exist anymore, at least by that name. I think (though I am not sure) it is still a hotel of some sorts which it would be something if we rented out the room there for our 25th anniversary next year.

It would be great if we could get some of the originals back for it. Some of which I haven't seen in 20 years.


Don't seem to remember ever owning a droid. Very interesting...

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