How do you rate Torchwood: The New World? (5=Fantastic)

Administrator - Posted on 08 July 2011

5 Weevils
17% (2 votes)
4 Weevils
58% (7 votes)
3 Weevils
8% (1 vote)
2 Weevils
8% (1 vote)
1 Weevil
8% (1 vote)
0 Weevils
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 12

I really think a double episode would have helped. As a Torchwood fan, I enjoyed it but for the masses who may not have seen much of seasons 1-3 would be a little confused, there were too many unknowns. A double episode would have enabled more back story and explanation for the viewers. 

That said, I cant wait to see the next episode. 

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I think that as the series progresses, more information about Torchwood's past will come into play, but we'll only get it a bit at a time.

It will help new viewers with being 'spoon-fed' the information as opposed to having the past three seasons shoved down their throats at one time. Too much information at once could 'choke' potential new viewers with 'information-overload'.

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Starting today BBC Radio 4 has begun broadcasting a series of three stories collectively called "Torchwood: The Lost Files".

The first episode aired today and it is titled "The Devil and Miss Carew". It is available on BBC's iPlayer for 7 days (as usual) and it does not appear to be reigon locked.

You can hear the episode here:

Torchwood: The Lost Files - The Devil and Miss Carew


The next episode will air tomorrow and is titled "Submission" and the third episode will be called "The House of the Dead".


If you are in the UK you can get the episodes as a podcast, unfortunately we in the US can not.


If you have not been able to see the new episode yet you can enjoy these until the show begins in your area.


The page for the entire series on BBC Radio 4 is here:

BBC Radio 4: Afternoon Play - Torchwood: The Lost Files

You can click on the episodes as they become available.

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EW (Entertainment Weekly) has reported on it's on-line site that the premire episode of 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' opened to 1.5 million viewers on Friday. Tat is considered a good figure for a STARZ program.

After all airings were taken in to account there were over 2 million viewers of the episode.


For the full story you can view it here:

EW: 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' ratings strong

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A question new Torchwood fans may be asking when seeing polls like this one, "What's a Weevil?"

Interesting how these characters omni-present in the first two series of Torchwood, yet now really haven't been seen or used since the second series.

Should we change our rating system here?



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