Big Finish: The 6th Doctor gets a new companion.

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The2ndDoctor - Posted on 11 June 2011

It's not often I feel inspired to blog about a new Big Finish companion coming up, but this one is an exception. Lisa Greenwood Reprises her role of Philippa otherwise known as Flip. The character came to being in the Story "TheCrimes of Thomas Brewster" and quite easily stood out in the story itself. Revealed at the Big Finish Convention, currently taking place today (Sat.11th June 2011) in Barking. She is to star along side Colin Baker as his new companion in the next run of 6th Doctor Adventures for Big Finish. 


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The story on Big Finish's website has this (copy and pasted from the Big Finish website):

The Sixth Doctor's New Audio Companion

It was revealed today at the Big Finish Day convention that Lisa Greenwood is to play the Sixth Doctor's new audio companion in a mini-series of three stories starting in January 2012.

Lisa plays Flip (aka Philippa) Jackson, a young Essex girl who is whisked off into time and space by the Doctor (Colin Baker). If the name sounds familiar, then it's because Flip has already appeared in this year's The Crimes of Thomas Brewster, when she and mate Jarod took a tube ride to another planet.

"We worked with Lisa for one day on The Crimes of Thomas Brewster," says executive producer Nicholas Briggs, "and line producer David Richardson and I were of the same mind. She was great, and she'd make a perfect companion. Flip is young, brave, fun but she has a lot to learn - and the Doctor takes on something of a Professor Higgins role in her life."

"We knew Lisa was going to be a huge star," says David,"and, of course, not long after we'd recorded the Brewster story she was signed up for BBC2's new flagship drama series The Hour with Dominic West, which airs in a few weeks."

Titles for the three stories will be announced soon. The first will be scripted by Jonathan Morris, who created her for The Crimes of Thomas Brewster.




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