The Doctor's Wife (Spoilers)

Administrator - Posted on 14 May 2011

After seeing 'The Doctor's Wife' - Discuss it here… (WARNING: May include spoilers)

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9/10. I was all set to hate this episode but it was well done. At first, I worried especially after the Doc got Idris out of the cage and we got unheard mumbling about the explanations. One thing: WHO WAS THIS WOMAN IN THE FIRST PLACE? Who were Auntie and Uncle? Just travelers or the remains of Time Lords? Not sure. I mean that was not given but other than that...

...the fast pace was nice, I didn't mind the illusion stuff: I thought it was pretty cool. Amy even acted like a real human being and was afraid, I di dn't mind the TARDIS halls but they could have been better designed but the idea was gotten across...

the voice was scary but it might have been better served if it were Sutek or that Demon from IMPOSSIBLE PLANET but why complain at all...

this had movement, character involvement, emotionality, a fast pace, beautiful if not overdone music, good sets, good effects, and a fast pace did I mention that?

The Doctor was Doctorish and a step further. It didn't bother me that some things might be changed but I'm not sure which but the entire thing was well done, well made and scripted well. The dialog was not bad and there was a real creepy vibe to it all. Yes, the TARDIS being in a human or human like body has been done before but was best handled. I found myself drawn into the whole thing and for once in the Moffat season it felt like an adventure in time and space or rather outside time and space and it realy felt like an adventure. I also did not feel the plot holes like I did last week, thus a 9/10 and only that for a slighlty weak start but perhaps it should be given a 10/10 and I know now how the others on this thread have given it a 10/10. It was entertaining and involving and well acted... far I like this season better than last so far...

One thing: why does Matt continue to do this thing with his body, his arms folding at the elbows and he looks so...foppish...a sort of imitation of Troughton which is fine once in a awhile right after his regeneration...all I'm saying is it's getting on my nerves and it seems very...feminine for him....tha'ts all I'm saying...waving his arms and hands around like that.

Very, very good ep.

Overall it was a fast-paced fun episode with tons of cool references to the classic series such as the Psychic Cube (The War Games), Flying the console w/o a TARDIS (Inferno), deleted rooms (Castrovalva), the unending hallways and secondary consoles in the TARDIS (Deadly Assassin, et. al).  Plus the fact that the cosole the Doctor built looked a bit like the classic series console - small and efficient.

But it also raised new questions like are there really living Timelords out there?  It seems plausible now with all of those Psychic Cubes in storage.  They had to be put together and shipped out by someone. And the fact that the planet they landed on was full of old TARDIS parts and equipment suggests a bunch of them got away in one way shape or form. Plus the fact that Uncle and Aunt were seemingly put together from Timelord body parts suggests that some of them also got away.


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