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Doctor Whoovie - Posted on 16 June 2009

Hi Louis,

I checked a button on the front page poll and submitted it. Only to be told my submission had triggered the spam filter, and I was taken to chase's thread on the Keeper of Traken!!

Any idea what is going on??



That is very odd. All you did is check off a radio button and hit submit? No, that shouldn't had happened. We have been getting votes on the poll. I know it had been working and the test I just did now shows it is working for me. 

Did you try doing it again? If not, try it. 

It shouldn't be happening. The way things are set up, makes it even more odd that it did happen. I am hoping it was just a fluke.

If anyone else is having this issue, please let me know.

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Okay, so I noticed a new poll today about spoilers.

Same thing happened as before, it said that my submission had triggered the spam filter and would not be accepted.

On the previous poll, it is possible that I had already voted and got back to the page using the previous command on my browser, thus causing some conflict.

This time however, it was the first time I saw the poll and the first time I tried to vote, so no potential excuse for the 'bad behavior'



It is damn peculiar to say the least. I am still unsure why this is happening to you, Doctor Whoovie. The spam filter is not even monitoring the voting (how could a yes or no vote be considered spam anyhow?). 

What browser and what platform are you using? 

Did it happen when tried to vote in the side block (right side bar block) or in the middle column or in the poll section? Does it happen no matter where you tried to vote?

I am just trying to figure out what could be cause. 

Of course, here at the Gallifreyan Embassy, like the United States and Iran, we believe every vote does count. Wink


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Were you logged in when you clicked the Vote button?



Have we done the crash of the Byzantium yet?

DWNY a New York City based Doctor Who meet up group.

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I was logged in and able to post the thread reply above immediately.

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I am using Microsoft Explorer v6.0 on Windows XP w service pack3.

I do log in from different computers at different times of the day.


Just tried it on my home computer also XP but with IE V7, same thing happened but

I read the next line, it said 'validation error'. Maybe this helps.

This time and the first time the problem occured  I was using the poll section in the right hand bar. But the second time I think the poll was in the left hand side bar, though I cannot find a poll there currently.



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I don't know if this makes a difference or not but when the poll is in the right hand column, I get the message about triggering the spam filter.

Look in the center column and place your vote there, for some reason this works fine for me. The poll is usually repeated in the news columns.


Hope this helps.


Note to whoever is working on this problem:

I am using Internet Explorer 8 and have the same problem if I vote in the right-hand column.

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Troy is correct!

If I choose polls at the top, get the list and select the poll I want to vote in, my vote is registered if it appears in the central column, the spam filter is triggered if attempt to vote from the sidebars.


Mystery solved (kind of).



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Glad it worked.

I knew it worked for me so I thought I'd suggest it to you.

The mystery continues here. Though at least we are narrowing it down. I am stumped on why it is being triggered when voting from the side bar block. Hmm.. 

I will try to look further into this matter.

Thanks and sorry about the trouble.

The spam filter we use has been updated and from reading what was fixed in it, there is a possibility that this issue may have been addressed. Since I myself have not been experiencing the problem, I can't be sure if it has been resolved or not. 

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