Chase - Posted on 25 April 2011

 gave this a 9/10 because Moffat, for once, really makes this work under his own realm. River was likable, Rory bucked up instead of...well, you know, Amy was likable for once and Karen's acting seems to have improved but to be fair to her, she was given some good scenes and lines this time out. I liked the fourth companion guy. I even liked the way they handled Nixon and the White House. The timey whimey stuff was not confusing or illogical, it makes sense this time out.

the only thing that seems a bit off is that River and the Doctor are traveling opposite to each other. I'm not quite sure that realy works when you examine her appearances. He seems to know her more this time out or at least earlier when he was 1103 or whatever age he was? The visuals are nice but more of those great canyons please!

The aliens are not THAT scary but well handled, too. Not sure of their motivations. I'm really hoping that Moffat doesn't mess up this great first part. We had two stories last year that started off just as good, the angels story and the silurians remake and then the second parts totally messed up. The first parts to both were probably a 9/10 too and the second parts were just about a 0/10 with either nothing making sense and the wrap up illogical with what went before OR too silly and stupid to think about.

For the time being, this first part on its own is tight, scary at times, different, visually arresting, not too slow or too fast and oh, the Doctor is NOT being too whacky. He's been just as whacky as Troughton, Tom and Colin Baker, and even McCoy (shall we not mention his wacky stories?). Again this first part is well done and th explanations will either make or break next ep but for this ep, a cracking good set up and for once, I feel SOMETHING (not as much as I felt for EVERYONE under RTD---he was the kind of feelings and emotion and characterization) for Rory, Amy, and River as well as everyone else...mind you, it could be better and more emotional but this is SO FAR above almost anything last year (except maybe THE LODGER, AMY'S CHOICE, VAMPIRES IN VENICE, VINCENT VAN GOUGH, and one other maybe) that it is a relief to have something to enjoy in DW. I was NOT a big fan of last season at all but if things keep up this positive, maybe...I'll even give Moffat a chance again but it's too early to say. Still by this time last season, I was terribly unimpressed (11ht HOUR really sucked).

Like the jokes, like the pregnant thing, like Rory and River's chat---BUT WHY did the Doc send the two of them alone down below while he...puttered around above? And as for athe cliffhanger, hey, kids are always in danger in DW...anyone forget the Daleks killed a boy in the first part to JOURNEY'S END? EVERYONE is always in danger in DW or sometimes in danger or something.

Good start which puts it over last season already. So that's two in a row for Moffat--I liked XMAS CAROL and I like this. Not a lot of action but some good dialog, some interesting set ups, and it can all hang least it does in this hour or so...BIG IMPROVEMENTS.

Blue Box Bill's picture

Call me behind the times if you like, just now joining in on a discussion of the 1st episode from Season / Series 6, but I have my reasons.

There was a time when I wasn't able to watch new Who until it was released on DVD. I have stepped out of the Digital Dark Ages, thanks to iTunes, as I watch each new episode (usually Sunday evenings) on my computer, however to avoid spoilers I can't / won't participate in live Podshock shows that review new episodes I haven't seen, nor will I listen to new Podshock episodes until I am relatively certain they will be spoiler-free, at least on my time-line.

I listened to Podshock 244 in its entirety before deciding to post my observation, just to make sure it hadn't been mentioned before, no point in repeating that which has already been observed, but I'm not seeing or hearing others comment on what I observed, so here goes...

Amy is face to face with a Silent in the Ladies Room at the White House, when, to her horror, she witnesses the destruction of a complete stranger named Joy. While not a graphic depiction, Joy was literally blown to bits. What happened to those bits? We see them falling to the floor, one is even detoured as it slides off the front edge of the sink / counter, but just seconds later, in the very next look that we get of the Silent, through Amy's phone, the bits are gone. Where did they go?

If I let my mind fill in the blanks (a lot of which went on in classic Who) then I can buy into the notion that the bits evaporated / disintegrated into thin air, but I didn't see it happen, so that's just my mind filling in the blanks, tidying up the mess, placing a period at the end of the sentence, not because it makes sense, but because that's the rule... you can't start the next sentence until you finish this one, right?

A small detail, but big enough to bring me back to reality, if only for a few seconds.

Louis Trapani's picture

Like you, I just assumed Joy dissolved into the world. In other words, evaporated.

Blue Box Bill's picture

Happiness will prevail! Sorry, wrong story. But it is a relief to hear I didn't imagine the whole thing. You imagined it as well.

Thanks Louis.


Happy Travels,

-Blue Box Bill

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